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Saturday, March 12, 2011

More jam making, and a wander around my garden and where to find the best How to's...

A pot of peach jam bubbling away, queen peaches probably the last of the season.

I was hoping for more jam and might have to see if these's anymore left at the veggie shop, cause I sure a few South African friends would love a bottle to taste test. Labels I need labels, My Japanese friend Pina promised to design me some nice ones this afternoon, thanks Pina. Enjoy you Jam.

Just want to let you know the best tuturoial I have found for processing Meat Birds is over at Annie's Blog Tomorrow I have an appointment with 9 chooks and expecting the average weight too be 2,800grams per bird. So wish me luck, it's going to be an early start for sure.

Now for a little walk around my veggie patch "late summer planting"

Planted 8 climbing beans in the half barrels drums, even that is going to be very crowded when they start bearing. There's 3 drums here, and another row with 9 plants which are all starting to flower.

More climbing beans ...and then another large row of climbing beans are just popping their heads out of the ground right now and just behind them I planted some lima beans which are going to be dried out and stored.

A new variety of Vilmorin red capsiums/peppers, first time planting these, tomorrow I want to transplant them and stack them for a little extra support.Hmmm maybe I should have taken the pic before watering them.

Two self seeded red mustard plants, these I am going to look after cause I need to save the seeds. I hunted everywhere for seeds or seedling this year but nobody had any.

A large pot of lemon balm, got to check somethings munching on the leaves.

Last year I scattered a lot of chilli seeds directly into the soil after adding a lot of sheep compost to their old pot, they came up in the thousands and grow like weeds. Later I removed a heap of strong seedlings and worked the soil over and replanted them. Reward was a few strong chilli plants and heaps of long red chillies.

The lebanese cucumbers are ready to be tied up and helped on their way upwards, little yellow flowers are starting to appear, can't wait. The potatoes planted between the row of beans, are starting to pop their heads out of the ground too, with promises of nice fresh potatoes for a winter stew.
That's it from me, have a great weekend


  1. It all sounds so good... I want a garden this year. Trish

  2. Oh, that peach jam looks soooo good! It all looks good, but I am partial to that peach jam. ;)

  3. Rina, thanks for linking over to my How To:'s. I'm glad you're finding them useful. I'd like to link over to your blog in one of my next blog posts.

  4. Oh boy I bet that peach jam is unbelievable! Looks like you're going to have your hands full. It won't be long until we break up the garden and start our plantings. Do you leave your limas on the plant to dry or do you shell them and dry them?

  5. Your jam looks good - home made is so much better than the runny bought stuff!

    Your garden is thriving ... must be the all that lovely sheep compost, as well as your hard work :)