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Monday, February 27, 2012

Birds of a kind ...

Mom's neighbours garden, just a little spot to sit and watch the birds come for a drink and a feed.

Wonder who comes visiting for a little feed here?

So pretty don't you think

See that yellow speck on the rightside, that the little female bird. Might have to google more info on these pretty little critters.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am back ... jetlag

Jet lag is something I have only every heard of, never experienced it, but this time it sure has been different. Maybe it was just the stress of the last month I really can't say. Did I enjoy my visit in South Africa? not really but duty calls and you need to do what you need to do. So much happened in the last month where to begin.

Mom as I mentioned before I left, was very ill but she pulled through the first round (Chest infection)and they had actually discharged on her request. The scan had showed up a tumor in her chest and throat suffocating her. We spent 2 days together, saw another heart specialist and then decided to go ahead with the operation. the 4th day she was operated on. The chest was opened up as if she was having heart surgery. One very difficult patient believing the big C was going to finish her off. The biopsy results were good we could breath again. Mum was lucky to have the means to pay for a private hospital.

Our only problem was her companion husband(92)of 11 years, who was staying with his daughter while Mum recovered fell and landed up in hospital, there he fell again resulting in a whole string of events Coma/trauma/concussion/strong drugs to stabilise him/declared homeless/certified to go to a mental institution. That's when we told his daughter to bring him back, ambulance don't take patients home so she drove him by car. From a man that walked/dressed himself/eat by himself he was a helpless drugged and in nappies. She literally dropped him off and left after having said a prayer. Not once did she really tell us in what a state the poor man was in ... She never did see her father after that cause he passed away a week later, back in hospital. You might ask why he medical aid sent him to that Hospital? We had asked for him to go to another but they refused! The Death Certificate read "Natural causes" Organ failure, dementia, malnutrition and hemorrhage that's what should have been on it. Aids is also "Natural causes" cause the Government insists on it. All the fat cats spend the money, the poor people black and white, don't have enough pension to see them through the month. Patients have to bring their own bedding and get relatives to bring them meals in some public hospitals. But this is never mentioned to any overseas countries. a Tribute to a man I did not know well.
Through all this Mom was not allowed to drive, I had no licence so had to rely on strangers to get to and from the hospital and morgue to Identify him. Sorry if I am boring anyone but it was such a shocking experience. All you see is the Soccer World Cup and the Safari's, not the jobless, the soup kitchens nor the crime.

What I did see was people lending a hand, donating and feeding the less fortunate but there is always more to be done. God bless those helping. And bless those helping themselves, battling to survive growing their own vegetables and still sharing with others.

The Saterday's have always been Mom's one treat for the week "Breakfast at her favorite Greek Coffee bar at Dorningkloof Shopping Centre" then on to do her shopping for the week.

Hopefully I will be able to post some pics tomorrow, ATM it's just not working. Time for bed. Good night see ya in the morning