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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Love of Pine Cones

Funny how somethings stay with you all your life, pine trees and pine cones, the smell of a pine plantation. What a waste to just throw nature's decoration away, so what to do with them. I love to paint things, if it stands still long enough it will get painted, trust me. These I painted the same colour as the caravan, which will fade a little in the sun. The basket is one of my lucky finds on the curb,it also got a slap of green pint.

Another lot of cones have been spray painted gold, they part of the christmas decorations. Christmas at our place involves a whole change of scenery, most bits of "clutter" get packed away, and the Xmas boxes come out.

But I think it's on the veranda that they look the best with other dried up seed pods and things, displayed in a old wire basket. I love driving in the country where under trees cones have fallen as only nature can display them.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New arrival Daisy the goat

Look who's got green paint on the face!

She is so cute, our Daisy, I know Daisy should be a cow's name but who says a goat can't be called Daisy. Found somewhere near Mudgee by a young couple, without a mom, we suspect there is more to that story. I know how many times I joked with George, telling him to pinch one for me ... thank goodness he seemed to have more brains than me. I have always wanted a goat but it's something else to look after and and .... more reason why not to get one. It's hard work playing Mom esp as I work fulltime but I have help from my daughter. Daisy has taken to her like you would not believe, thinks she her mommy. She has a big voice on her esp. when she ain't happy. As she grows I am sure it will get more difficult, so a fenced in play gym with a house for Daisy is next on the to do list.

Welcome to our first little goat, Daisy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Announcing new blog Past and Present

It's here ..... New Blog "Past and Present"

As some of my friends might know, I am a member of a few forums, mostly South African ExPat's and I just love Journalling. So I have been going through all the old post and decided to put them in one special place. I am adding a few comments as well, with permission from the members if I can get hold of them. As many move on with their lifes settling in their new country, we lose contact with them.
One of my friends from Twisted Sisters,you need to be invited to join, Betsy is a wonderful writer and with permission I have included a tale from her. Some are in Afrikaans but I am working on translating them, and will post as soon as they ready.
Just follow the link or contact me at if you would like to post a story of your own.

See Ya My Maties

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Open compost bay ... update on the chooks ...

One good thing about having the sheep is having lots of droppings to add to the compost. After cleaning out the sheep shed every few days, there was a mountain of bedding hay to add to the compost. My very helpfull son helped knock 4 star pickets/posts in and tied 4 sheets of colourbond to them. This will be our first raised bed at Mulgoa farm at Sydney, the bin is filling up fast and so we going to have to knock another bay together soon.

The chookhouse got a good clean out as well this weekend, all the lovely poop and sugarcane mulch joined the hay.The girls are still laying well, The leghorn Isabella, donated by a lovely Italian couple, lays beautifull large white eggs. Silkies and Ginger are laying well too. The 2 black Austolopes are only 18 weeks old I think,so not long to wait. Going with Henny and Penny, finally decided they needed a name so it got to do.Yeh not very original I know.

One thing you will find out about me is, If it stands still long enough, It's going to get painted. My favorite colours are Brunswick green, purple(painted caravan, agapanthus, and pine cones) and hint of orange (honeysuckle,oranges, clivia and bird of paradise) All colours from the bird of paradise flower, add to tie all these colours together a lighter green for (water tanks and colourbond/corragate).The sheep shed got painted today with Brunswick Green for all the woodwork and light green for the colourbond sheets.Amazing what a slap of paint can hide,using recycled materials you sometimes end up with a few different materials but just paint them and it looks wonderfull. Will post a photo soon.

It's been a very busy weekend, and tomorrow is the start of another week. I wish you a great week. Thanks for stopping by.
Until next time
Rina .....Chester