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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet the animals around the yard ....

Good morning Everyone,
Feels like not much is happening around here hence the lack of posts. But there is and I will tell you in just a second. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we heading for Autumn, starting to get a little cooler early mornigs. Comes around so quick too.
Remi eying an apple on the post, rather cute picture of him, don't ya think.

Miss Daisy is starting to get her winter coat, she's 2yrs old and just maybe this year Mr Billy Goat will pay her a visit. The landlady is not keen on goats.

Harry the Orpington rooster and his 14 lovely ladies. He does a fine job looking after them. ATM they are laying 6 eggs a day, and a few more I haven't discovered yet.

25 meat chookies not even a week old yet. This is the best time to raise a batch of birds for the freezer. Our summers are just to much for them, suffering from heat exhaustion. I don't have an order for birds as yet from one of my regular customer but a few smaller orders have come through and still have a few birds for my freezer too. Planning to raise another batch of chicks when these are 8 weeks old. This time I might slaughter at 12 weeks.

This little mite is an orphan, mummy die a few days ago. Our neighbour just left him in the field for fox food and moved the rest of his sheep closer to home. That's when I discovered the little thing. Called the neighbour who said I can take it if I so wanted, which I did. Yesterday he was not feeding well at all, had an absese under the eye going down the cheek. so took him off to the vet for antibiotics and to put on a rubberband for his tail. But this morning I found him dead his little body still warm. Well that's nature for you.

I do have a good report on the cat though, her pelvis had 3 fractures after landing in front of the big tyre, which must have just clipped her. She's a 15yr old girl, and I must admit if I was here when it happened, she would be in cat heaven right now. But I was in SAfrica and knew nothing about it until I got home. After 5 weeks of confinement her bones have fused together and she is walking again. In 3 weeks she will be able to be out and about again after yet another visit to the vet.

Can't think of anymore new ATM
Have a wonderful day

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Little Lavender Throw ...

Believe it or not I had to start another project. As if I don't have enough going already. My excuse "How could a crafter just sit and do nothing with her hands for a whole month?"
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making a little Mrs Ball's Chutney ....

When it comes to chutney's you can't get any better. It's Mrs Ball's chutney. Just click on the link or preserving under labels and you will find the recipe. Imagine the catastrophe making a curry only to find you have used the last bottle of chutney.

Rina is on a mission, before the season is over I managed to get 6kg of fresh Queen peach's, 400 gr of dried apricots and about 150gr of dried raisins, ATM it's all socking in brown vinegar. Tomorrow first thing the cooking starts, in goes a few other ingredients, a chilli or two cause we love it hot.

Until tomorrow
Double checked that link and it did not work, so I just copy/paste a little of that post for you.

I can't tell you which one of my lovely South African friends put this recipe for Mrs Ball's Chutney on the Facebook and well I just had to give it a go. But then I just had to improve on it didn't I, well Mrs. Balls I hope you don't mind too much cause we like it hot, hmmmm maybe not this hot. The devil was sitting on my shoulder when I was chopping up the extra few chillis and those raisans. Maybe we'd just better stick to the original next time.

Edward Ball, Mrs. Ball’s grandson scaled down this original recipe to make 18 bottles of (mild) chutney.

612 g dried peaches
238 g dried apricots
3 litres brown wine vinegar
2 1/2 kg white sugar
500 g onions
120 g salt
7,5 g cayenne pepper
1 to 2 litres of brown wine vinegar for soaking
About 2 litres of brown wine vinegar for mixing

The fruit should be left in the soaking vinegar overnight, then cooked in the same vinegar until soft. Drain. Put the fruit through a mill. Add the sugar (dissolved) and onions (minced) and cook in a pot with the brown wine vinegar. The amount of vinegar depends on the consistency: it should not be too runny or too thick, but have the same consistency as the end product you find in the bottle. Add spices and cook for one to two hours. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon to prevent burning. Sterlise your bottles and spoon in the mixture. That's it - you've got Mrs Ball's Chutney.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wedding bells ...

Welcome all wedding guests, today ceremony will be held at the Shelanti Chapel Link supplied for Brides, new mommies planning a christening or a funerial. But today is a happy day ... We're getting married (pretend Okay) For the music, and more lovely pics click on that link and take a look around for yourself.

Sure this is it He's the man of your dreams, set the date, chosen the dress, the cake, decor and the rings. Now what about this cosy little chapel, with the reception right next door. It seats 120 guests, just big enough and oh so pretty.

Imagine walking down that red carpet on your father's arm, and having the man of your dreams waiting for you.

Do you believe in Angels? This pretty Angel watches over you as you say your vows. Honor and obey and all those things.

Extra space for 20 guests on the balcony

A lovely spot for a few pictures for that album.

Then wondering through the garden to the reception, where a spread would be waiting for your guests

Okay you have had enough champers and wedding cake
Time to go home just leave the pressies
OH and thanks for sharing our big day
Were's my groom, he better watch out
Love ya all

Shopping at the mall ...

Not to far from Mom's Place, 10 mins or so. We came here especially for a coffee and some window shopping. Oh and to get few pics of the upside down cow. Just keep looking you will see what I mean.

Was I early or what, no shopper? Very early cause I wanted to take pics of the centre and not the shoppers. Rather nice don't you think.

Celebrating Valentine day on every tree!

Thought this might be a little something to amuse you with Ha Ha

Same mall just from the opposite side. Both sides have got the best resturants you could wish for.