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Monday, July 8, 2013

News of Elena, Cold winter nights and lambing time ...

Well I finally get a spare moment to say Hi to Everyone again. Been ages since I last posted, so much has happened since then. Our beautiful little grand daughter Elena has had her first treatment for her little club feet starting the first consultation with the Specialist. They put casts on changing them every week for a new set. and then Drs did the little operation and put the next lot of casts on. By the 3rd week they had her in the boots and calipers. According to Mum she cried a lot that day which would have really unsettled everyone. Elena has to wear her boots 23hrs a day, only getting 1 hour to have her bath and a cuddle without the boots. Elena is looking more like her Italian side of the family with every photo I see of her. I finally have finished her Granny square baby blanket and a zigzag striped blanket and just need to give them a good wash and send them off to Brisbane. Never taken me this long to finish anything, lucky winter is not over yet. We did a quick trip up to the farm this past weekend, It sure was colder up there than here in Mulgoa. The frost sat on the windscreen you could not even see through it. We had to pour water over it to clear that up and turn the wipers on. The blades of grass were covered as well. no wonder I had to get an extra blanket out in the early morning. Having curtains up would have helped to but I feel while people can see in they are less likely to want to break in and steal as it looks like it's just a bed with a really long cover over it. It's what they can't see under the bed ... And as always I brought a few more supplies up and 20 bags of mushroom compost. I was hoping we would have stayed another day but no, he had appointments for Monday that could not wait. On Friday night just as we walked in from work and running around the whole afternoon with shopping, our neighbour/landlady was going into a panic again. One of her ewe's lamb was stuck in the birth canal and she was frantic yelling at her husband to do something. Poor bloke had to assist me pull out another of their lambs the week before too only the ewe would have no bar of that one afterwards, and so we learn from our mistakes. But hey Fernando had to help pin this one down for me again, first he had to set up some lights cause the ewe had chosen the worst dark spot to deliver her lamb. The feet and head were in the correct position and had been poking out just enough for me to grab hold of one leg first and pull a little to release the position just a little then grab both legs and pull him out. And what a whopper, he was huge no wonder mum just could not get him out by herself. Sy took to him straightaway ... So far they have 3 sets of twins and 4 singles and 2 ewes to go. We sold 2 and lost 2 old girls last year so this year we should only have 4 lambs with is just fine by me. Mr Rowan sure did a fine job servicing the neighbourhood's girls first before he made time for his own girls. So taking that into consideration we should start having babies by the weekend coming. There is a few more things I would like to share with you but that will have to wait till next time Hope everyone is keeping well Rina

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sadly there comes a time for a send off for us all, nothing we can do about that. Here it is no different, animals are born and animals die, those are the facts of life. Harrry the rooster I blogged about a while ago passed on too. Now Dennis rule and Clyde the 2nd, being only a little silky rooster has to take second place. He has his two girls to look after. Sadly we said good bye to Remi the pony this morning. He was a gentle boy who love his carrots and apples. Remi was just a 12 hands tall if that. I found him standing inside the dam where he was halfway sunken in the mud and freezing water. Exactly how long he had been there was not known. But I know he was absolutely frozen. The Blond One with her long legs dragged him out with a rope and a material sling around his bum, a lot of shoving and pushing we finally get him out and walked him to the sheep shed. She washed his legs and belly, dried him off with old towels and wrapped him up in an old blanket taped up with packer's tape. I had by that time returned with 2 borrowed horse rugs/blankets that a kind hearted customer from our produce store, which she took out of the back of her ute, when she heard what had happened. Remi was very cosy with the rugs on and had by morning warmed up nicely. Remi had recovered enough to chomp on some apples and his Lucerne by night time. But when I visited with him the next morning he had a huge temperature and was down on his side, eye's glazed over and gasping for breath. It was over even before the vet had arrived. So all things come in 3's, and sadly that was once again proved correct. Friday evening Honey the tabby cat suffered a stroke, her back legs were affected and the emergency vet explained that it was really best to put her to sleep. And that was what The Blond One decided to do, it was her cat. Let's hope that all is well for a while:))

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A New Arrival ...

. Welcome to Elena Grace, is she not the cutest little bub you seen for a long time. Not even 2 weeks old yet and already creeping into our hearts. What a peaceful little baby, she loves feeding time, and a light burping session, pooping and sleeping. Enjoys her bath time too. We drove up to Brisbane just to meet Elena and her Nonna Rina, yip Nonna is Italian for Grandma and would you believe it we even share the same name. Mom and Bub are doing well after a difficult birth. Dad Is taking it all in his stride, lending a helping hand with changing diapers, burping and soothing bab to sleep. One of Elena's favourite spots is sleeping on her dad's chest.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter weekend and a fun day in Sydney ...

How about 2 birds with one stone ... Easter weekend friends of our joined us at the farm with their 10 year old , which was great cause our grandson Luke is here for the holidays from Brisbane. Very little work got done for a change, except mowing the property and enclosing the doggie deck and bathroom for extra sleeping space. Turned out a very enjoyable weekend I must say. On the way back to Sydney we stopped off and did a spot of strawberry picking, yummm fresh strawberries. The boy's and myself went looking for fat earthworms for bait and I was impressed just how fat the worms were in the veggie patch. We went down to the river around 5pm not quite sunset when the water just came alive with fish. That gave Luke lots of time to learn how to cast his line thanks to Grandpa showing him the ropes. On his best cast he caught the first fish a small bass which was a kiss and release cause it was undersize. I caught a fair sized bass which we kept. in total 3 returned fish will have the chance to grow big. Luke was doing real well, we did have the odd sinker and hook get stuck in a snag and lost them. Today Luke and myself went fishing again at the Nepean River. We bought a packet of prawn bait to try out. And we used a float after Luke lost the second set of hook and sinker. But not to many nibbles at the bait , Except this Eal which was the last thing I wanted to catch. It was a lovely few hour we spent together with a packet of lamingtons and chips and a cold drink.