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Thursday, April 21, 2011

We're on holidays ...

We on holidays, working holidays that is, up at the farm. Going to be away for nearly two weeks. There's a heap of work waiting for us.

Enjoy your Easter break and see ya soon

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little riding lesson ...

This is Luke's very first riding lesson, having missed out the last holidays cause his leg had just had just come out of a plaster cast. There was no way I was getting the blame if something happened to that leg.

Cobi leading the way out the stables on Sally. This is his 4th lesson

A few cicles around the outside of the arena with the girls leading the horses.

Then Vicky taking over, she's judging at the Easter Show atm so it was hard getting more lessons booked this time.

For Luke' first ride ever he stayed in the saddle OK

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Makin real butter ....

One butter churn
1 ltr fresh cream
3 kids
Pour cream into butter churn
Sit said kids outside on a tarp (it was there to start with so had to do)

Show said kids how to operate churn, pass said churn around to each kid
Take a few pics, give said kids a toasty turkish bread with cheese, sundried tomatoes & salami for lunch with a glass of milk.

Soon said kids struggle to turn the handle due to it going thick and buttery

Miss Daisy joining in the party. great place to have a nap if only that kid would stop hugging me.
It's all done seperate and add a pinch of salt. Yum we have real butter.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Island Home ... Nilo & Des Congradulations

Our best wishes to our Dear friends Nilo and Des, who received their Australian Citizenship today (12th April 2011) This song is for You, enjoy! (They the couple that moved up to Airlie Beach a few months before the Cyclone Yasi hit the East Coast)

Thanks for all the nice comments in the previous post, I do appreciate them all. Australia is a beautiful country, one which I am happy to call Home. Not many of you know we emigrated from South Africa about 18 years ago, but it feels like we have been here all our lives. Australia and it's people have been wonderful to us, that made the transition period alot easier. We arrive here with "very little", no container with our belongings and definitely very little money, but with hard work and a positive attitude it is working out for us.

Kari, click on Short Trips and Holidays, for more photo's and info on beautiful spots to visit in OZ. One day we're planning to head off to Victoria (state) and drive the Great Ocean Road, then on to the Barossa Valley in South Australia. And Adelaide ... The City of Churches ... Capital of South Australia.

Well that's it for tonight
See ya soon

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Come take a drive with us ...

Hi My Blogging Friends, as promised I got a few pics of our little trip up to Coffs Harbour. Above pic is off the Big Banana, a tourist attraction, where they tell you all about bananas, growing, havesting etc, then you can go for a tour, and shop at the cafe/curio shop ... Bananas dipped in chocolate or banana sundaes ... yummy.It was just such a nice relaxing little drive from the farm, just over 150klm. The drive the Friday afternoon from Sydney was good too, just an hour later and we would have been stuck on the highway F3, due to an accident. Stopped off at Kempsey for dinner, yummy braised lanbshank on mash potatoes and salad

We took the scenic drive(gravel road) past farms,lush rolling green hills, wishing we could have bought a farm just a little bigger (drool)then we passed this lovely scene, I stopped to take a pic for ya.

Only instead of exploring Coffs Harbour we decided to see a little more of Sawtell, it's just before you get to Coffs. Next time you head that way please make sure you go for a sticky beak. We took this little scenic drive and turned off to the beach/picnic area/lagoon. Lots of shady trees to sit and relax. See the far left of the pic, thats where we heading next

What a view from the look out, beautifull black rocks all around the point. Stairs going down to the beach (some crazy woman was jogging up and down thoses stairs, atleast 6 times while we were standing there ... super women!)

More rocks and waves, love the beach.

Then it's on too the shopping mall. Huge vicus/fig trees shading the road either side with beautifull shops with Balanese flags outside the doorways and cafes with alfresco dining on the sidewalk.If only we had more time to wonder around all the shops.

Then we off again to fill up with diesel before heading to pick up the shed, another 24klm past Coffs. It's not quite complete, all the C Channels, side bits and corrogated colour bond sheets are there. I had the feeling the seller wanted more for it but that's the problem with EBay, you never know what your going to get for your item and being so far out does not help either. But we happy as larry ... now we talking concrete floor and getting it done asap. Love a plan when it comes together. Oppps nearly forgot to tell you a bit about this love art on the back of the Tenpin bowling alley, painted in 2007. Better than just another boring old wall ... what ya think?

Hope you enjoyed the trip
See ya

Friday, April 8, 2011

On the Road again ...

We on the road again this weekend, all the way up to Coffs Harbour, to pick up a carport/shed that Dear Husband bought on Ebay for cheap. As it not to far from the farm (100km, it worth the trip. Now that's going to be erected on a concrete floor, which is what we're going to be working on over the easter break. Sounds like an expensive trip but we needed to take up a few things such as the spare TV and a cabinet for it to stand on anyway. Been threatening to take it up sometime but having the ride on in the trailer just leaves no space for much else.

No time to mow lawns this time but speaking to my friend Scott, we've had a lot of rain up there, so expecting a mini jungle.

Had a lovely day yesterday sorting out my craft stuff, bought a few new tubes to store some of my materials and bagged ribbons, braiding etc in colour groups. Baskets just don't keep the cats out, with winter coming on they looking for soft cosy spots to curl up on. Jules finding the veggie basket to curl up into.

Another culprit is this old one Rat, she's 13 now and rather frail and starting to loose her footing jumping up. She's a sweet heart and very special, never missed a day of sleeping on the bed with us.

Anyway the craft corner is looking heaps better, even found a few UFO's that have been missing for ages. Will need to attend to that when I am a "lady of leisure" again.

Have a great weekend everyone
I take a few pic of Coffs Harbour for you
See ya