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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Come take a drive with us ...

Hi My Blogging Friends, as promised I got a few pics of our little trip up to Coffs Harbour. Above pic is off the Big Banana, a tourist attraction, where they tell you all about bananas, growing, havesting etc, then you can go for a tour, and shop at the cafe/curio shop ... Bananas dipped in chocolate or banana sundaes ... yummy.It was just such a nice relaxing little drive from the farm, just over 150klm. The drive the Friday afternoon from Sydney was good too, just an hour later and we would have been stuck on the highway F3, due to an accident. Stopped off at Kempsey for dinner, yummy braised lanbshank on mash potatoes and salad

We took the scenic drive(gravel road) past farms,lush rolling green hills, wishing we could have bought a farm just a little bigger (drool)then we passed this lovely scene, I stopped to take a pic for ya.

Only instead of exploring Coffs Harbour we decided to see a little more of Sawtell, it's just before you get to Coffs. Next time you head that way please make sure you go for a sticky beak. We took this little scenic drive and turned off to the beach/picnic area/lagoon. Lots of shady trees to sit and relax. See the far left of the pic, thats where we heading next

What a view from the look out, beautifull black rocks all around the point. Stairs going down to the beach (some crazy woman was jogging up and down thoses stairs, atleast 6 times while we were standing there ... super women!)

More rocks and waves, love the beach.

Then it's on too the shopping mall. Huge vicus/fig trees shading the road either side with beautifull shops with Balanese flags outside the doorways and cafes with alfresco dining on the sidewalk.If only we had more time to wonder around all the shops.

Then we off again to fill up with diesel before heading to pick up the shed, another 24klm past Coffs. It's not quite complete, all the C Channels, side bits and corrogated colour bond sheets are there. I had the feeling the seller wanted more for it but that's the problem with EBay, you never know what your going to get for your item and being so far out does not help either. But we happy as larry ... now we talking concrete floor and getting it done asap. Love a plan when it comes together. Oppps nearly forgot to tell you a bit about this love art on the back of the Tenpin bowling alley, painted in 2007. Better than just another boring old wall ... what ya think?

Hope you enjoyed the trip
See ya


  1. Looks like a great trip, love the photos :)

  2. It looks like a fun trip. I just love the images of the sea. Wow. So pretty.

  3. Looks like a great scenic trip to collect a shed! It's a beautiful country we live in.

  4. Beautiful pictures.

  5. I can tell you enjoyed your trip...good pictures of the beach. Trish

  6. What a great trip. Gorgeous photos too. Always nice to have a break away isn't it :D)

  7. What beautiful scenery!!! Makes me long for all the snow here in New Hampshire to disappear!

  8. Thank you for the tour of your Australian Coast line. It is definitely on my wish to go there destinations. I think I would travel your route especially and view the ocean and the farms and and the quaint little towns. I also think you have a great idea for your blogging friends to take a drive and post some pictures from the area. As soon as it warms up a bit more here, I will take a drive in Southern Oregon for you! Thank you for the beautiful pictures! You could have another job as a tour guide!!