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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Makin real butter ....

One butter churn
1 ltr fresh cream
3 kids
Pour cream into butter churn
Sit said kids outside on a tarp (it was there to start with so had to do)

Show said kids how to operate churn, pass said churn around to each kid
Take a few pics, give said kids a toasty turkish bread with cheese, sundried tomatoes & salami for lunch with a glass of milk.

Soon said kids struggle to turn the handle due to it going thick and buttery

Miss Daisy joining in the party. great place to have a nap if only that kid would stop hugging me.
It's all done seperate and add a pinch of salt. Yum we have real butter.


  1. Just love it! This could be a Mark Twain story. :)

  2. Best way to get butter I have ever seen...loved it. Trish

  3. Wonderful.
    I have the required kids.
    Now just need 1 L of cream.

  4. What fun! Complete with the Nanny Goat for supervision! Thanks for the buttery smile.

  5. Love it, Rina. It looks like they had lots of fun and that lunch sounds wonderful!I'm gonna Tweet this post!

  6. Wow, Rina, I can almost taste it. I wonder what you told them to keep them at the job to completion? I wish I could stop by and see you all!

  7. Love this! What a great thing for the kids to do! Frsh home made butter without all those awful additives. Yum!