The trouble with simple living is that, though it can be joyful, rich, and creative, it isn't simple. ~Doris Janzen Longacre

The best way to bring a sustainable change in the world around me is by bringing the change in myself

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Display ...

The boy's clay pumpkins which they painted orange and the scary masks stick up on the netting, bummer they not here to see it. I love decorating my entrance according to the seasons.

Add a few bats and it's done

The witch's broomstick is just to the right of this pic, some dried flowers stuck in it. Ah the lastest kitchenalia purchase was rather handy for this display "A farmhouse water tank"

Painted the scarecrow and few years ago, come in handy today.

Just love my pumpkin made from an old red golf shirt, might make a few more of these.
You might not take part in Halloween but it is just a fun thing. I hope you had a fun time too.

See ya nexttime

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend at the Farm ...

Excuse me but did you see the size of this Lace Monitor! Then you might understand how my heart was racing when hearing a noise and then this monitor's mate climb out of one of those veggie boxes and scaring the living crap out of me. Me yelling my head off cause it was heading straight past George where he was digging a hole to plant some trees for me. All he saw was this flash passing he's feet, making it way down to the creek. This one in the pic got a bigger fright, when this mad woman yelled like that, stopping in it tracks, turned and headed back the way it came. I had no problem find it after getting the camera. They woun't just attack you unless you corner it. Huge don't ya think.

Well after this we spotted a baby red belly black snake, while clearing up the rather overgrown veggie patch. It lived to scare us another day.

Just have to show off my 6 new raised veggie boxes, making a total of 10 boxes. and 1 more to go. Ran out of sleepers. These are rather deep taking up a fair bit of chook manure and soil. I will have to order in another truck load of garden soil to fill them up and top the other boxes as well.

What is this I hear you ask ... The outside of Rose Cottage got it's first coat of paint. "Eucalyptus" Only one wall has the correct cladding on ATM but I had to give it a lick of paint lol. Same colour as the water tank.

Veggie boxes working a treat, Zuks are growing well and we have already had 3 large ones. Pineapple sage is going great too, not long and there will be little red flowers.

Our rather tame Magpie, charming us with her songs all for a little piece of chicken. Maggie was hand raised and set free, now made our place her territory.

Dinner for two. Bruchette with sour dough bread, Chicken kebabs and grill sweet corn. And a glass of Portuguese Rose wine.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

News on the home front ...

Hi My blogging buddies, Long time no see, Been a little quiet here the last week. Our joy was short lived with the young one and his Mom moved back to Brisbane. Once again a huge cash problem showed it's ugly head, $11 000 which we just did not have to throw away at our education department, wanting it's share, suppose to be equalant to how much each child is subsidied, Private or Public school, and then the school fees. Being on the wrong visa/bridging visa ... a long story, nothing we can do ATM. Once again the green car will wait until next year to go on the road, no rush. The little boy has gone back to his old school for now and is living with his Dad.

With this nice weather we having this weekend, we decided to take an extra day off on Monday and making it a long weekend, so we're heading up to the farm. Leaving tomorrow afternoon. A stop at the Hardward store to buy a dozed threated sleepers for raised veggie boxes down the one side of the fence. Woun't be able to fill the new boxes up with soil until I buy more garden soil and have it trucked in. I have a dozen Rasberry canes that could do with a new home,so will need to find a spot for them. So looking forward to get the last strip of flooring in too, it's a small gap of not wider than 6cm and then finally the critter wount't have easy access to the cottage.

I'll be putting up a pic of pretty crochet dress for Nilo's grand daughter, it's slightly different than the pattern Link provided if you prefer the original one. A work still in progress. Well that's it for today
Have a great weekend

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rina's Toy

See I am Mom's toy car, been camping in the carport with a blanket over my back keeping Miss Daisy company while she has her daily afternoon nap. Well I am finally going to hit the road again. It's been a long time since 2005 that I had my last trip.

Now this is what I looked like a few hours ago until I got a wash and vacuum. So much better don't you think. Wow Dad thanks man.

I got a job to do , one little boy needs to go to school and I am here to get him there on time, thats after Dad takes me to the repair shop for a little TLC.

Well come on hop in and lets go for a drive.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random News update ...

We got more meat chooks, they're nearly 2 weeks old now and already I have lost 2 chicks no idea why. This time I think I will raise them to 12 weeks then they should average 3.5 kgs each plenty enough chook. Most of these birds are sold already By that time it's December and we should already be in our hot summer season here.

My big news is My Grandson and ex-daughter-inlaw has moved in with us, they are from Brisbane. There are a few problems we need to overcome before things are rosie again. Also we will have to pay school fees again, it's like starting all over again.

The house has been turn upside down to fit everyone in. We gave up our bedroom and moved to the smallest room. It is a bit of a joke George need to climb over the bed or roll in from myside lol. Tanya our daughter Alias the Blond One, has the main bedroom and a big spare which is her sewing room and office and it overflowing with stuff I just shoved in. Already got "The Look" when she arrived back yesterday from a month away working in Darwin. Tanya sews costumes for shows and has a heap of orders waiting to get done asap. Well I beter help her sort out that room.

Dogs need a good bath and haircut before the summer, I normally just trim as best as I can. Another job on my already big too do list.

Not sure if I mentioned before we bought enough roofing to go over half of Rose Cottage and will be taking it up shortly. Just have to wait for a break in the rainy weather we having ATM to get the new roof up. Another thing we managed to save for to pay cash. Slowly but surely we will get there.

My brains not functioning to well today, I know there is more news than this, so I might pop in later and add to this post.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A good read ... Link is working now

I don't like scaring anyone, but take a look at this article , can't happen you would say well it is and it's not over yet.

I post this on a forum this morning ... Hi ladies, some of you might remember me, some woun't but I still come for a visit every so often. I found this post on FB and just wanted to share with you all. I believe most of us here would be able to take care of our families, that is why we are here on forums such as Rhonda' D2E I had no idea it was this bad already and am probably not the only one here either but have a look at this. Don't believe it could happen to you?? Non of us are safe! We are the 99%. Thanks for taking the time to read a few pages of this article

I think if only we can learn one thing out of this article that should be to be more prepared, and take it seriously what you and I are learning here. To be happy with what we got, even if it's not the mansion. Do for ourselves as much as possible, learn skills that can be passed down from our Grandmothers. We are all heading for tough times!

Warning bells for all of us