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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend at the Farm ...

Excuse me but did you see the size of this Lace Monitor! Then you might understand how my heart was racing when hearing a noise and then this monitor's mate climb out of one of those veggie boxes and scaring the living crap out of me. Me yelling my head off cause it was heading straight past George where he was digging a hole to plant some trees for me. All he saw was this flash passing he's feet, making it way down to the creek. This one in the pic got a bigger fright, when this mad woman yelled like that, stopping in it tracks, turned and headed back the way it came. I had no problem find it after getting the camera. They woun't just attack you unless you corner it. Huge don't ya think.

Well after this we spotted a baby red belly black snake, while clearing up the rather overgrown veggie patch. It lived to scare us another day.

Just have to show off my 6 new raised veggie boxes, making a total of 10 boxes. and 1 more to go. Ran out of sleepers. These are rather deep taking up a fair bit of chook manure and soil. I will have to order in another truck load of garden soil to fill them up and top the other boxes as well.

What is this I hear you ask ... The outside of Rose Cottage got it's first coat of paint. "Eucalyptus" Only one wall has the correct cladding on ATM but I had to give it a lick of paint lol. Same colour as the water tank.

Veggie boxes working a treat, Zuks are growing well and we have already had 3 large ones. Pineapple sage is going great too, not long and there will be little red flowers.

Our rather tame Magpie, charming us with her songs all for a little piece of chicken. Maggie was hand raised and set free, now made our place her territory.

Dinner for two. Bruchette with sour dough bread, Chicken kebabs and grill sweet corn. And a glass of Portuguese Rose wine.

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  1. that dinner looks delicious! Those monitor lizards sure do make a huge noise when they scramble out of the bush.