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Thursday, October 20, 2011

News on the home front ...

Hi My blogging buddies, Long time no see, Been a little quiet here the last week. Our joy was short lived with the young one and his Mom moved back to Brisbane. Once again a huge cash problem showed it's ugly head, $11 000 which we just did not have to throw away at our education department, wanting it's share, suppose to be equalant to how much each child is subsidied, Private or Public school, and then the school fees. Being on the wrong visa/bridging visa ... a long story, nothing we can do ATM. Once again the green car will wait until next year to go on the road, no rush. The little boy has gone back to his old school for now and is living with his Dad.

With this nice weather we having this weekend, we decided to take an extra day off on Monday and making it a long weekend, so we're heading up to the farm. Leaving tomorrow afternoon. A stop at the Hardward store to buy a dozed threated sleepers for raised veggie boxes down the one side of the fence. Woun't be able to fill the new boxes up with soil until I buy more garden soil and have it trucked in. I have a dozen Rasberry canes that could do with a new home,so will need to find a spot for them. So looking forward to get the last strip of flooring in too, it's a small gap of not wider than 6cm and then finally the critter wount't have easy access to the cottage.

I'll be putting up a pic of pretty crochet dress for Nilo's grand daughter, it's slightly different than the pattern Link provided if you prefer the original one. A work still in progress. Well that's it for today
Have a great weekend

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  1. I look forward to photos of the garden boxes and the dress.