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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random News update ...

We got more meat chooks, they're nearly 2 weeks old now and already I have lost 2 chicks no idea why. This time I think I will raise them to 12 weeks then they should average 3.5 kgs each plenty enough chook. Most of these birds are sold already By that time it's December and we should already be in our hot summer season here.

My big news is My Grandson and ex-daughter-inlaw has moved in with us, they are from Brisbane. There are a few problems we need to overcome before things are rosie again. Also we will have to pay school fees again, it's like starting all over again.

The house has been turn upside down to fit everyone in. We gave up our bedroom and moved to the smallest room. It is a bit of a joke George need to climb over the bed or roll in from myside lol. Tanya our daughter Alias the Blond One, has the main bedroom and a big spare which is her sewing room and office and it overflowing with stuff I just shoved in. Already got "The Look" when she arrived back yesterday from a month away working in Darwin. Tanya sews costumes for shows and has a heap of orders waiting to get done asap. Well I beter help her sort out that room.

Dogs need a good bath and haircut before the summer, I normally just trim as best as I can. Another job on my already big too do list.

Not sure if I mentioned before we bought enough roofing to go over half of Rose Cottage and will be taking it up shortly. Just have to wait for a break in the rainy weather we having ATM to get the new roof up. Another thing we managed to save for to pay cash. Slowly but surely we will get there.

My brains not functioning to well today, I know there is more news than this, so I might pop in later and add to this post.


  1. You do have a lot happeing at the moment. This rain is hanging around a bit too long:0)

  2. You are good to take in a ex-daughter-inlaw. I know we all want to take care of our grandchildren. What about your son. Trish

  3. Best wishes for your success with your change of household members. You are such a giving person and life will be better for all of you, especially with your homemade chicken soup!!
    PS Thanks for the links regarding "We are the 99 percent" they are real and happening for more people than we realize. x