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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A good read ... Link is working now

I don't like scaring anyone, but take a look at this article , can't happen you would say well it is and it's not over yet.

I post this on a forum this morning ... Hi ladies, some of you might remember me, some woun't but I still come for a visit every so often. I found this post on FB and just wanted to share with you all. I believe most of us here would be able to take care of our families, that is why we are here on forums such as Rhonda' D2E I had no idea it was this bad already and am probably not the only one here either but have a look at this. Don't believe it could happen to you?? Non of us are safe! We are the 99%. Thanks for taking the time to read a few pages of this article

I think if only we can learn one thing out of this article that should be to be more prepared, and take it seriously what you and I are learning here. To be happy with what we got, even if it's not the mansion. Do for ourselves as much as possible, learn skills that can be passed down from our Grandmothers. We are all heading for tough times!

Warning bells for all of us


  1. Would you put a link in here didn't go any where. Trish

  2. If we don't have our heads burried in the sand, we all can see very difficult days ahead. It's why I vowed to glean every ounce I could get out of my garden this year even though being that frugal isn't imediately necessary. The information I learn is for the difficult days ahead. There is so much we can learn from each other. Thanks for your inspiration.