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Sunday, September 25, 2011

a few more train pic ...

My Favorite train. So pleased you enjoyed the last post so I have added another post with pics for you. You might also want to have a look at another post on Railways Stoney Creek Tressle Bridge down in Victoria, it's a narrow rain system. Click on Stoney Creek Tressle Bridge and Short trips and holidays under labels on the right, thanks.

This train was to carry wages, it was fully restored by appentices from Skilled Engineering and on display at Central station in Sydney for a while, Now it's at Thirlmere Train Works

Again part of the coal carriages

That old wrought iron work is so beautiful and check out the break.

First Class Travel. Those seats look so comfy, lots of leg space. Check out the pressed tinwork above the wood panneling, it's in the dinning cart as well. for more info
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  1. Once again... Great pics! They are "rail" nice! Ha! Ha! All those open gears on the machinery... it makes you wonder what their safety record looked like! Thanks again!!

  2. What a fun place!!!! My grandson and my husband would be in heaven here.

  3. These are wonderful photos and it looks like you and your boys had a wonderful time at the station. Transportation has sure changed!