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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trip to Berrima ... on Father's day

Australia is celebrating Father's Day today, so I thought it very appropriate that George could take me out for the day and where better to go than antiquing lol

Rows of old quilts, neatly rolled up.

Kitchenalia, these shelves are empty as they are closing shop, most items are half price. A huge saving but then I only came for a milk glass mixing bowl, nothing else.

Imagine wearing one of these cotton dresses, would they have worn with a dark pinnie over them?

Hefty price tag for old children's shoes.

No idea what this bush is called but the flowers are so pretty

Selling all sorts of teas, jams,lollies and honey. Pina I think there could be Japanese tea sets there, should have checked??

That would be so yummy on toast. Looks like your looking through stained glass windows.

Pink, plum and white blossoms everywhere

Sand stone is used in most of the buildings in the area


  1. What a beautiful outing. It is so sad the first shop is closing. I have my first pair of shoes (ala the photo near the top of your post) in a little box - neatly saved by my mother so many years ago. :)

    Wonderful images.

  2. Oh, thank you for the shopping visit! The antiques are displayed so neatly. Here the shops are divided into little 10 x 10 foot spaces and each space displays the antiques the owner has to sell. So there may be children's shoes all over the store, but it is a hunt to find them! Thanks for the fun tour! Oh, your flowering bush looks like our flowering quince. ~ Kari