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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Train Works, a Boys Paradise ...

In the Theater, the whole story of this little engine is shown from before the WWl, WW2 and to where it ws used to shunt coal in the Hunter Valley.

Great lighting in the theater.

Transposting coal.

I'd say sheep were tranported in these old carriages being a double decker.

Boy's behind bars in the carriage carting the convicts
Not a bad place for them keeps them quite on the return trip home, wishfull thinking :))


  1. I LOVE old trains! This is a great, great post, and has wonderful pics! Imagine. Back in the day these were state of the art machines. The double decker animal cars are interesting. They're the first ones I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a dream!! I've always loved trains and have been able to ride on several throughout the years of my life, in both America and in Europe...they are always special to behold.


  3. What great photos! They are so powerful and such care was taken in the building of the old engines and cars. Thank you for the tour! !Kari

  4. Love the picture of the boys. Too cute!!