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Friday, September 9, 2011

Have you ever cooked Oxtail ...

Just seen this post,about cooking Oxtail Soup over at Just like My Nan Made Well I have never made soup from oxtail and it sound very nice.

I cook oxtail with a good dash of vinegar, bay leaves, as a main meat dish with rice. brown the tail add chucky diced onions, add a few small bayleaves, cover with water/cube of stock if you want(opp, add a dash of vinegar. Cook on med until the waters gone, add more water and a little more vinegar it takes a good 3 hrs to cook it that the meat falls off the bone. Add a little salt,I add chunky cut up carrots and potatoes the last 1/2 hr, don't want them to fall apart. Add a little water to 2 tablespoons of gravy powder in a cup and mix that into the meat, just for that extra gravy, season with ground black pepper and salt. This recipe came from my Mom who got it from my Grandmother, who got it ... never mind

Enjoy making either of these recipes
see ya later


  1. I have never cooked it are ate it that I know of sure sounds good. Trish

  2. Dankie - klink so lekker en gaan dit die naweek probeer

  3. Hi Rina,
    That soup sounds good! I just tried bone broth, which starts with vinegar in water and simmering for 24 hours to get the good stuff out of the bones. I added some chopped beef and an onion and jazzed it up with salt, pepper and herbs. Yum!
    You are so busy! I'm just looking at your last few posts and thinking about all the work a farm requires. I am so lazy! But I know it is rewarding...
    I want to shop with you. That Antique shop with the rolls of quilts! Looks like you had fun.
    Keep on!!!

  4. I have never cooked oxtail.. maybe I should give it a go!