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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a good day's work ...

It's done , all weeded and composted, dug up, raked, stackes in place for the bountyfull crop of tomatoes I've been promised. More stacks and reinforement wire for the beans, more beans, cucumbers and yellow button squash.

Planting list: snake beans, climbing beans and yellow butter beans.
Candy striped beetroot,
large white ribbed silverbeet,
baby sweet corn for stirfries,
Bulgarian carrot peppers (hot).
Cucumbers for bread and butter pudding. I used Rhonda's recipe
(from Down to Earth) last year and my neighbour just wanted more
after tasting the bottle I gave them.

Tomorrow I want to get the other patch dug up and get the zucchini, Amish pie pumpkin, golden nugget, butternut, Queensland blue and gem squash. I am dying to grow some giraumon turban pumpkin as well just for the heck of it, I grew this tiny one last season sure it's got to be bigger than that. Just got to get the last raised bed filled up with more soil then plant some real sweet corn in it.

What else is growing atm, chillies, globe arichokes, rosemary, oregano, lemon balm, italian parsley, rocket and chinese broccoli. Rasberry canes are coming up everywhere, no one warned me about that!! it just gives me one less bed to work with until they stronger and I can pot most of them.

The frost killed all the leaves of the dwarf bananas but there seems to be new leaves coming out. The two queen peach trees are in blossom, they so need to go into the ground at the farm but now it's too late I think. The lemonade tree has blossoms as well.

Now for the next job on my to do list for the day "Clean the oven" got leftovers for dinner tonight.
That's all for today
see ya


  1. Rina - well done - it looks brilliant :) And don't you love the feeling of accomplishment?

  2. have a lot going on. Planting season always brings on a flurry of activity. Still it's a lot of fun!

  3. You wear me out with all you do! Wow! What a wonderful start you have to the season. :) I look forward to watching it all grow and what you do with it in the kitchen.

  4. Great job!! Planting season is so exciting!!

  5. My word girl. I'd say thats enough for today. You make me want to start planting and my garden is just now dieing out but I don't plant all that you do. Its good you have it fenced in I don't and a lot of my was ate by deer. Trish

  6. It is so interesting to read how busy you are with your new planting season arriving and how busy it is here with the old garden season leaving. The turn of the seasons are always such a busy time on the farm! You are working wonders and your pictures are amazing!~ Kari