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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Veggie patch need a lot of work ...

Springs here for sure, it's warming up nicely and now it's time to get out in the veggie patch again. The 6 tomatoe seedlings & yellow button squash I bought at the market on Saturday, have gone straight into the half 44 galon drums, after adding a lot of mushroom compost to them. The bloke promised a good crop, probably a hybrib variety. A few beefsteak seedlings and cherrytom have self seeded, they got moved to a fresh drum too. well thats a start if nothing else, tomorrow I plan cleaning the rest of the patch up.

The rasberry canes got a pruning, I really need to transplant a few canes into pots and take them to the farm. A lot of weeds have taken over the patch this winter so it's going to be a whole day clean up tomorrow, love getting my hands dirty. There's a whole bag of spuds hust waiting to go into the ground too

Right now I waiting for the shearer, Billy the ram is really not well I don't want to dig a hole for him he's too cute Photo's to follow soon.

see ya all soon


  1. Gee, I hope Billy the Ram doesn't need for you to dig a hole! I'm looking forward to the pics. :)