The trouble with simple living is that, though it can be joyful, rich, and creative, it isn't simple. ~Doris Janzen Longacre

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sadly there comes a time for a send off for us all, nothing we can do about that. Here it is no different, animals are born and animals die, those are the facts of life. Harrry the rooster I blogged about a while ago passed on too. Now Dennis rule and Clyde the 2nd, being only a little silky rooster has to take second place. He has his two girls to look after. Sadly we said good bye to Remi the pony this morning. He was a gentle boy who love his carrots and apples. Remi was just a 12 hands tall if that. I found him standing inside the dam where he was halfway sunken in the mud and freezing water. Exactly how long he had been there was not known. But I know he was absolutely frozen. The Blond One with her long legs dragged him out with a rope and a material sling around his bum, a lot of shoving and pushing we finally get him out and walked him to the sheep shed. She washed his legs and belly, dried him off with old towels and wrapped him up in an old blanket taped up with packer's tape. I had by that time returned with 2 borrowed horse rugs/blankets that a kind hearted customer from our produce store, which she took out of the back of her ute, when she heard what had happened. Remi was very cosy with the rugs on and had by morning warmed up nicely. Remi had recovered enough to chomp on some apples and his Lucerne by night time. But when I visited with him the next morning he had a huge temperature and was down on his side, eye's glazed over and gasping for breath. It was over even before the vet had arrived. So all things come in 3's, and sadly that was once again proved correct. Friday evening Honey the tabby cat suffered a stroke, her back legs were affected and the emergency vet explained that it was really best to put her to sleep. And that was what The Blond One decided to do, it was her cat. Let's hope that all is well for a while:))