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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Shearer was here today ...

Done all the tails and nuts of the lambs, got their vaccinations done too. The boys sure aren't to happy with the rubber bands, but it needs to be done. And then to top it all they stuck tags in our ears...

Everyone else had a haircut, got drenched and vaccinations and purple ear tags.

And then we discovered there's one more ewe pregnant, she only a young ewe and still has a fair bit to go. Let's hope there is no complications Oh and we got Barbuos Pole again, this time Billy has come down with it, the others will have a mild dose of it too then. Raggedy Sally looks better with all her fleece shown off and I even managed to get a bad pic of her neck. The wound has just about healed totally.

That's it for now
See ya

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Chook Business ... is taking off

My last customer who took the 15 chooks invited me for afternoon tea, and then placed her order 15 birds for her , 6 for her sister, 2 for mum ... and so on my head started to spin, needed a calculator to keep up. Slow down Susana I can only do 40 birds max lol.

Well The next lot are on order and should be in next week. so there I go again. and it looks like as soon as these babies are 4 weeks old , I will have to order the next lot of birds. Rosa with the leukemia son also wants another 6 birds and then there's still nothing for my freezer. ATM the weather here in Australia is still cold at night, days are very pleasant. But it changing and it can get so hot that the birds can die of heat exhaustion.

I have also invested in a few more egg layers and hope fresh eggs will do well you can only but try.
It is a lot of work and constantly being around but you can taste the difference, so worth it. Thanks Annie from The Journey Homesteading Forum for the good advice. You will find her link on the right hand side and Annie's blog That was my lucky day when I found her.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Detour ... the scenic drive

Take the Great Lakes/Tea Gardens turn off just other side of Raymond Terrace, just follow the road and soon you will find this charming little village.

Cruising the river.

Lunch at Nicole's cafe and art gallery at Tea Gardens as in a villiage by the river. Maybe next time.

What ever floats your boat Mate

(Opps forgot to rotate the pic lol) Are you coming for a walk with me?

Did you know that if you have sunburn and need something to put on right away. Look for this plant on the dunes. Break off a few leaves and squess the sap on to the burn, it works!

Went for a little walk on the beach at Hawks Nest, hardly anyone there, just the way I like it.

See anything strange in this pic? That big blob of mud on the tree trunk is a Kookkaburra nest. This looks like a new nest, some are hard to spot cause they look just like a burl on the tree.

This ferry could only take 4 cars max, you had to pay to go on this one.

Pelicans grooming themselves on the river bank.

Hope you enjoyed this little detour as much as I did
See ya

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We said our good byes ... to Juliet

Remember this post ... I have never introduced you to one of our older cats, Meet Juliet ... she just a tricoloured girl, getting on a little. But she's got big problem, her health has deteriated so much in the last few years, that is nearly time to relieve her of her pain. Juliet is the most skiddish cat we have ever owned, don't cuddle me, don't pick me up, I'll come to you if I want anything. So we just leave her be to come to you when she wants too. She sleeps all day curled up in her basket, only gets up for a little food and water but night time she sits up like an owl, her back legs have never functioned very well, vet called her a wobbly cat (birth defect) and while she was happy we just let her be, Now it has become clear she's not coping even grooming herself anymore or walking to far. It's nearly time ...
Well that day came yesterday, Juliet fell off the bed Tanya just not quick enough to catch her. Jules must have hurt herself so badly, that she lost the last bit of her back legs, just about paralysing her. We have been carrying her where ever she needed to go, picking her up and putting her down, carrying her outside to sit in the sun and then bringing her in again. Just like an old lady which she really was in cat years, a good 14 years old. A decision made and then confirmed by our lovely lady vet. We watched her take her last little breath and just move one little paw afterwards and it was all over
RIP Jules

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good morning my online friends,
Just realized I haven't been a very good tour guide lately, took a few pics but never blogged about it. Not good at all, so this morning I'll show you a few pics I took the last time we returned home from the farm, traffic reports said there was an accident on the M3 so we did a detour to Wisemans Ferry and came around the backway.

Just one of the many homes dotted along the road, river one side of the road and a few homes on the otherside. Most people living here would stay here because of the livestyle, fishing, crabbing and peace for one's soul.

Picture postcard stuff, one of the private jetties along the Hawksbury River.

Love the colours of the sandstone cliffs with the sun shining on theme.

It was getting a bit late already and would have loved to spend more time around the area. Maybe next time
Enjoy your day

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bring out the champers ...

Miss Lashes finally delivered her boundle of fur,a pretty little ewe. Not so little actually it's probably the biggest lamb so far. Mom was very vocal at about 4.30ish Saturday morning and cause we have had extremely bad weather Friday and during the night and more expected today, I was more aware of the pendening birth. But this was her 3rd birth since we got her, and she knew what she was doing, all went smoothly. She was happy to let me pick up the little one to carry her inside the sheep shed with mom following close behind, for bonding time by themselves.

And the old Brown ewe once again dropped during the night and gave us a strong little Ram. His is a nice looking little ram. She is getting on a bit and hopefully this will be her last lamb.

Update pics of Bella's sweet little twins and little ram

While having a coffee, watching them settle in, Billy came and stood next to me, just felt the flick of his ear against my leg. He came to inspect his little half sister. Billy loves a little scratch behind the ear and is really good natured so far. His will get to stay on even if I need to get a few girls just for him.

Here's a question for suffolk owners. Our twins from last year had good parents. Dad Nelson had to move on to a new home this year. That's why we a mixed breed this year. Both twin have all the correct markings only the little ram grew black horns, my plan was to keep Rowan and sell Billy off. But this horn business is a worry. Where does it come from?? Don't really want to take him to the livestock auction, yeah I am still a little upset about the place, maybe advertise him through

very cute aren't they
See ya all soon

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prayers for Baby Sebastian

A Premature Baby's Prayer by Prayers for Baby Sebastian on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 7:31am

God bless the little child behind the plastic wall

For all he knows is the ringing of the bells and

the blurred images around him. He has been taken

from my womb without warning and I long to hold him

in my arms.

Lord, I ask in your name that my child be healed.

I am willing to accept your decision no matter what

it will be. I am willing to take on the responsibilities

for caring for this child. I am willing to give this

child love and understanding no matter the cost.

Please Lord help me to accept reality and what has

happened without explanation or warning. Help me

face the fact that this is not my fault and that

I was given a special task to complete here on Earth.

God give my child the strength to make it through another

second, minute, hour and day as each moment is

a blessing and a triumph from heaven.

God, may you give the strength and compassion

to the caregivers and nurses that take care of my child

May you keep my child protected and free from all injury

and pain.

Please take away the guilt and burden from my heart dear

Lord. It is heavy and I feel it is all my fault.

Take it away dear Lord. Sweet Jesus allow me the strength

and understanding I need to communicate with the Doctors

and Nurses.

As you see dear Lord, I am at your mercy for the life of

my child. Please leave him here on Earth and know that

I will provide all the love and understanding that

this child needs. I accept the challenge and will be

your humble servant dear Lord.

~Author unknown~

Please follow the link in the previous post let's let them know we do care.
Thank you and love ya all
Special note to Ava welcome, I left you a small comment on the previous post.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tiny Angels ...

I love bloghopping and this morning I found this. I felt like an intruder reading these blogposts but can't help myself. God you can feel the pain of these poor parents. What I am most impressed about is the good that has come from their grief God it is still sad no matter which way you look at it. Please follow the link to other sites on Tyla's Blog. Tyla's Daddy died of Cancer (making it doubly as sad for her mommy)

But before You carry on reading, I ask you say a little prayer for Sebastion ...
Please pray for baby Sebastian ♥ His mommy and daddy waited such a very very long time for him, he was a miracle even before he was born and we pray for him today and all the days after xxx
Prayers for Baby Sebastian
This is a prayer and dedication page for Baby Sebastian van Rooyen born 2 months premature on 28 July 2011 weighing in at 1.56kg. Sebastian progressed very well but suddenly took a turn last night (15th August) and was diagnosed with having NEC or inflammatory bowl disease.
A message on Sebastion and his parents Facebook link would be really appreciated

Link to Tyla's Memory Boxes,

~~~ Babybear ~~~
Today is babybear's 6th birthday.

Hard to believe 6 years has passed
since I said hello and good bye
to my little girl.
It seems like only yesterday
and forever ago.

On her angel day (Friday),
I had a few people over for a BBQ.
I made these sad looking cupcake bears.
At least they tasted better than they looked.

The balloon place closed
so I didn't get to do a balloon release.

What I wouldn't do
to have a real birthday party instead.
With a little birthday princess
instead of an angel.
~~~ A Song for Daniel~~~
by Jean Felice Eilbert (his mother)

When I held you in my arms that day
Born so still, born anyway
How was I to know to say goodbye?
No one knew just what to do
Except tell me I'd get over you
As if forgetting makes it all untrue -- a lie

But I remember to remember
I can't forget just to forget
Your memories are a part of me
Connecting me to what comes next.

And even after all this while
I think of you, sometimes I smile
Memories of my unknown child, fade slow.
I've held you in my heart each day
Life so short, life anyway
Memories are meant to say hello

Maybe I could ask each of you to think about helping make a suitable baby item, Bev's on the right handside of Tyla's Blog has patterns for premmie items, and donate it to a hospital near you or maybe a lending hand with these beautiful memory boxes. Gosh I know it's a big ask but we can do it
Love Rina

Comments not working again I can't reply
Hi Ava, I am so glad I found your blog, It's just the more love and prayer for little ones the better. Right now Sebastion needs all the prayers he can get. I want to give you a big hug and say thank you.
You are very welcome here xx
Rina ... Our Slice of Heaven

August 18, 2011 8:17 AM

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wensday was livestock auction ...

We headed off to Camden to the livestock auction, registered and got a number, for just in case we actually saw sometime we liked. Being the only two women amongst all those men was not very exciting, characters of all sort, but mostly from the Middle East. A few Aussies and I could count them one one hand. A few hands strayed but mostly they were behaving themselves. One man offered me a squeeze, when I asked if I could squeeze in to have a closer look, yeah right.These are people that would have no problem doing home kills, fatten then up and eat them, kebabs on a stick.

To get back to the auctioneer, he was doing a great job, considering most of these animals were thin as, you could count their ribs.Some poor animals looked like they wanted to keel over and die. Gayle wanted sheep and today I was just there for the ride and day out. Just could not get over their condition, I just wanted to take them all home, esp the baby goats. These pics are disturbing I do apologise.That little one with the colourfull face was my pick, only am not allowed to have any more goats atm.

But one Miss Daisy is enough trouble as is. Living a life fit for a "Queen Goat" and Miss Lucky Nickel has it good too, having a wood stack and an apple tree, spoilt as by Claire the Shepherdess from Nova Scotia, Canada, please pop over to Claire they would love to have you pop in.

Have a great weekend everyone
see ya

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bella's Twins ...

The good news Miss Bella finally popped, 2 very tiny little ewes, they so cute but boy so blotchy, just plain not very pretty. That ram next door is a merino and mamma Bella is a suffolk. This is Bella's second season and only one ewe last year. This time there were 3 girls, yes I did say 3 girls, one did not make it. She insisted having her babies under a big tree in the dirt, while I had put new hay down in the sheep shed for her.

Had been keeping an eye on her the whole day and just after the first one was born and on her feet, Bella popped out no 2 and ignored it, well I just went in and cleaned her up, splashed a little cold water on her face. That sort of shocks them and makes them draw in a deep breath, then they right to go, just like smacking a baby on the bottom kind of thing.

Baby no 3, was taking it's time coming and by that time Bella and her twins were safely inside the sheep shed, feed and watered. I had done the feeding round for the evening and had started making dinner, when Gayle our landlord/neighbour came for a stickybeak. Once again no more signs of anymore lambs, but while making dinner, she popped out no 3, Bella never cleaned it's little face, it died still in the sack.Sad but that nature for you.

Now we're just waiting for the brown ewe and Miss Lashes to pop in the next day or so. Little Stella is also expecting but atleast a month behind these girls. Tomorrow I am off to the Camden livestock Auction held every Wensday with Gayle, she's looking at some mixed breed sheep. I prefer to stick to Suffolks.
Well that's it for tonight
See ya

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nickname and planning a small holiday ...

Mrs Steggles, that's my new nickname at work cause of all the meat chooks. Steggles grow chooks for the meat market like Rainbow Chickens from South Africa, can't remember who else raises chicken for that purpose, every country is different. Trent was very happy to receive his free chook, and his rusks. He just wants to know what new project/craze I going to get next. Maybe cute piggies who knows! Would love to try making sausages next, salami, chirizo and just plain sausages. Charlie and Anna, just down the road is my man for that. but first we got 22 more chooks to slaughter and freeze. I can tell you they taste like real chickens should!

Before ordering the next lot of chicks, I think I need to go on a few weeks holiday to see Mom in South Africa. My income tax return money should come in very handy and with the exchange rate being good ATM, it could give me just a little bit more spending money. Mom loves to go to the Casino but I get bored there real quickly. Can you believe it she pulled an all night er a few days ago, she's 74!!! I won't make it past midnight ... Mom sent an text message last Wednesday, they had been run into by a double cab ute from behind, her little same car coming off the worst. Her husband of 93 was very shock up and needed a lot of calming down. Mom was driving, they are just a little bruised but otherwise fine.

One of my Face book friends related to Miekie van Tonder the Lion Lady from
Elsa's Haven, who I have never personally meet has offered to pick me up from the airport which I do think is so nice. And they live close to Mom maybe even visit have an up close visit with Elsa. Please click on Elsa's Haven and read the whole story. If you would like to follow on FB then you can too.This time I would love to meet another friend Paula (also meet Paula on the Internet as a follower, the Internet is a wonderful thing don't you think lol) It's sad going back and all your friends have immigrated somewhere in the world. But I am making new friends which is wonderful.

Another Lady Melody has started a refuge for women and children, The Cradle of Hope and is heavily involved with charity work. She is also someone I would love to meet. Now you have just meet one off the most amazing "ordinary women" I know there are a lot more such wonderful people out there all doing just a little bit to make the world a better place.

Looks like it going to be a very inspirational holiday.
Have a wonderful day,
See ya,

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Weekend ... finishing off the deck

A quick trip up to the farm to test out the repaired generator which nearly killed us both just starting it, evenually we got it started, it's going back to the repair shop again. A few marigold, pansies, shallots, geranium planted in box no 1. 3 rosemary bushes, daisy bushes, oregano, asain green?? and more marigolds in no2. A blueberry bush and 2 zuchinni seedlings in no3. I might get two more blue berry bushes and more seedlings. Box no 4 needs more soil, then maybe chillies and cherry tomatoes would do nicely in that box.

Another job on the to do list, a paved strip in front of the raised boxes to the water tank. Well that is my next project preparing the path, with a pike and shovel to get a lot of the soil removed and leveled, cart in a load of river sand and get the pavers all ready for the Man of the house wearing the paver man's hat. I do love how he's so handy.

George doing a great job on the deck. No nail gun used here, each board gets screwed on.

A lot of sanding with the belt sander, a good sweep with the broom, run over with the mop, and then paint on a good drink of decking oil. Making sure the ute/car is packed, and no last minute items forgotton inside the cottage. Cause there's no walking on the deck once it's oiled.

Well that just left a very dusty me with knee pads, trackies and top covered in different shades of paint, to wash the paint brush and close the oil tin. A quick wash and change, hiding behind the water tank if any cars came past, lucky non did! All while Dear Husband was waiting in the car with the radio on the sports channel. He had packed all the tools away and locked the containers We do have a deal, he builds and I paint. Then we're on the road again ...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reply to comments ... and more ...

Hi everyone, thanks for the comments

Nilo, More pics this weekend, we heading up to go check out what's been done, and also finish the little undercover deck, give the decking boards a coat of oil. We were truly bless with all your help and really miss you both.

Tim & Kari, we are really boring folk, not of the party kind, don't drink maybe a little wine with good friends. Our Digger man has a big problem in that department!

Simpleton, your right about that, reading and following instructions is a good idea. I am having trouble commenting on your blog, I have tried a few times now, Welcome here anyway.

Lana, amazingly we both kept our cool, it's just one of those things, it happened. I was very disappointed having paid it off on lay by at our produce store in Sydney and then having to cart it 7hrs by trailer. This project just took longer than anticipated, lets hope it done by the time we get back.

I am even having trouble commenting on my own blog sigh.......

Well the generator is fixed again and I will be picking it up tomorrow morning, that deck is waiting. Going to pack and be ready to leave straight from work tomorrow at midday. That gives me just enough time to pick up George's prescriptions from the Doctor, get his insulin, and get the last bit of timber needed. Then we're on the road again.
Have a great weekend everyone and see ya soon

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend full of Disastors ...

Finally the septic tank hole is getting dug, George supervising, wishing he was the one digging that hole. Dream on Mate your not getting one.

Now I had pics to show you the progress, but then this happened, while filling the septic up with water it went egg shaped because these two bozos forgot to put the lid on. Your suppose to put the lid on, fill it up with a little water, fill the hole with a little sand, fill with water, fill a little sand so the darn thing does not go egg shaped. Instead of them pumping out the water, Mr Digger man thought himself very bright and tried to push/pull the tank with the digger arm. Well it cracked, all before they could think of a better plan. Unable to be fixed, buggered, now it's in bits.

Well true to this Aussie's style, a problem can be sorted out in the pub, down the road, by evening the local builder and his dog also knew about the small problem.

Needless to say the rest of the day was a little slow. Already we were powerless cause the big generator just would not start at all, even with a mini service, there was no power to use for cutting wood for the deck. George has to do things the right way proper cuts on the mitre saw, otherwise he ain't happy. Rough work with the chainsaw is not acceptable. Recharging batteries for the drills was done over at friend's place.

Above boxes were built the previous weekend we were at the farm.

Were is my operator? Well he was on his way to Armidale with his truck to fetch an replacement tank and if all goes well he would be installing the tank as I write this. Well that's to say if driver, truck and septic tank are not crashed down a mountain ravine, cause he was going the goat track as I call it. Safe journey Jason.

There is a bit of work still waiting on Jason, digging and levelling two areas for concrete slabs. Then only can we do the form work and pour concrete. At least I did all my work as planned, mowed the grass and the roadside, burnt the pile of rubbish and painted the rest of the fence. Had plans to paint the rest of the bedroom walls but ran out of time. It only needs one coat of pain cause that is where the wardrobe will be built (when we get to it eventually)Well we decided to return to the farm this weekend with a newly serviced generator, (coil might be gone)and finish the deck.

To do list covered deck by the backdoor, bathroom needs to go up soon, then wardrobe to tidy the bedroom up and then the kitchen. Ah then the rest of the raised boxes ............... never ending list