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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good morning my online friends,
Just realized I haven't been a very good tour guide lately, took a few pics but never blogged about it. Not good at all, so this morning I'll show you a few pics I took the last time we returned home from the farm, traffic reports said there was an accident on the M3 so we did a detour to Wisemans Ferry and came around the backway.

Just one of the many homes dotted along the road, river one side of the road and a few homes on the otherside. Most people living here would stay here because of the livestyle, fishing, crabbing and peace for one's soul.

Picture postcard stuff, one of the private jetties along the Hawksbury River.

Love the colours of the sandstone cliffs with the sun shining on theme.

It was getting a bit late already and would have loved to spend more time around the area. Maybe next time
Enjoy your day


  1. Lovely. I especially like the reflections in the third picture.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Rina...thanks for sharing your part of the World.

  3. What a pretty place...were you on the boat. Trish