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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend full of Disastors ...

Finally the septic tank hole is getting dug, George supervising, wishing he was the one digging that hole. Dream on Mate your not getting one.

Now I had pics to show you the progress, but then this happened, while filling the septic up with water it went egg shaped because these two bozos forgot to put the lid on. Your suppose to put the lid on, fill it up with a little water, fill the hole with a little sand, fill with water, fill a little sand so the darn thing does not go egg shaped. Instead of them pumping out the water, Mr Digger man thought himself very bright and tried to push/pull the tank with the digger arm. Well it cracked, all before they could think of a better plan. Unable to be fixed, buggered, now it's in bits.

Well true to this Aussie's style, a problem can be sorted out in the pub, down the road, by evening the local builder and his dog also knew about the small problem.

Needless to say the rest of the day was a little slow. Already we were powerless cause the big generator just would not start at all, even with a mini service, there was no power to use for cutting wood for the deck. George has to do things the right way proper cuts on the mitre saw, otherwise he ain't happy. Rough work with the chainsaw is not acceptable. Recharging batteries for the drills was done over at friend's place.

Above boxes were built the previous weekend we were at the farm.

Were is my operator? Well he was on his way to Armidale with his truck to fetch an replacement tank and if all goes well he would be installing the tank as I write this. Well that's to say if driver, truck and septic tank are not crashed down a mountain ravine, cause he was going the goat track as I call it. Safe journey Jason.

There is a bit of work still waiting on Jason, digging and levelling two areas for concrete slabs. Then only can we do the form work and pour concrete. At least I did all my work as planned, mowed the grass and the roadside, burnt the pile of rubbish and painted the rest of the fence. Had plans to paint the rest of the bedroom walls but ran out of time. It only needs one coat of pain cause that is where the wardrobe will be built (when we get to it eventually)Well we decided to return to the farm this weekend with a newly serviced generator, (coil might be gone)and finish the deck.

To do list covered deck by the backdoor, bathroom needs to go up soon, then wardrobe to tidy the bedroom up and then the kitchen. Ah then the rest of the raised boxes ............... never ending list


  1. It sounds as if everyone had a tough day. :( I hope tomorrow things go much better.

  2. Those septic tanks can be so expensive to install and maintain...can't believe it was cracked! I bet you were ready to boil over.

    Seems like a lot of BIG things are happening at once! Augh!


  3. This is what happens when enthusiasm takes over, yes?

    So sad, and yet, it has the potential for becoming an amusing story sometime in the future...the far, far future.

    All the bits of pieces of the tank. Lordy.

  4. Oh dear!! OOps!! No use having a cracked septic tank that'll defeat the object wouldn't it....
    Looking good on the farm Rintjies so glad we had the opportunity to help last year, still remember the relaxing weekends spent there.
    How about some outside pics of Rose Cottage?

  5. Oh, Rina, what a disappointment. I am glad you had a break to think about it Aussie style! Hopefully Humpty Dumpty is put back together again by now.