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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Chook Business ... is taking off

My last customer who took the 15 chooks invited me for afternoon tea, and then placed her order 15 birds for her , 6 for her sister, 2 for mum ... and so on my head started to spin, needed a calculator to keep up. Slow down Susana I can only do 40 birds max lol.

Well The next lot are on order and should be in next week. so there I go again. and it looks like as soon as these babies are 4 weeks old , I will have to order the next lot of birds. Rosa with the leukemia son also wants another 6 birds and then there's still nothing for my freezer. ATM the weather here in Australia is still cold at night, days are very pleasant. But it changing and it can get so hot that the birds can die of heat exhaustion.

I have also invested in a few more egg layers and hope fresh eggs will do well you can only but try.
It is a lot of work and constantly being around but you can taste the difference, so worth it. Thanks Annie from The Journey Homesteading Forum for the good advice. You will find her link on the right hand side and Annie's blog That was my lucky day when I found her.


  1. I'm so happy for you that the chook business is doing so well. :) Being in business for yourself is so rewarding.

  2. Yes, very happy for you that the chicken business is taking off. Annie's blog is great and it was my lucky day when I found you on hers too! ~ Kari

  3. Glad to hear the chook business is doing well!

  4. Thrilled you chook business is going well, I hope the weather does not get too hot and kills them!