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Monday, August 8, 2011

Nickname and planning a small holiday ...

Mrs Steggles, that's my new nickname at work cause of all the meat chooks. Steggles grow chooks for the meat market like Rainbow Chickens from South Africa, can't remember who else raises chicken for that purpose, every country is different. Trent was very happy to receive his free chook, and his rusks. He just wants to know what new project/craze I going to get next. Maybe cute piggies who knows! Would love to try making sausages next, salami, chirizo and just plain sausages. Charlie and Anna, just down the road is my man for that. but first we got 22 more chooks to slaughter and freeze. I can tell you they taste like real chickens should!

Before ordering the next lot of chicks, I think I need to go on a few weeks holiday to see Mom in South Africa. My income tax return money should come in very handy and with the exchange rate being good ATM, it could give me just a little bit more spending money. Mom loves to go to the Casino but I get bored there real quickly. Can you believe it she pulled an all night er a few days ago, she's 74!!! I won't make it past midnight ... Mom sent an text message last Wednesday, they had been run into by a double cab ute from behind, her little same car coming off the worst. Her husband of 93 was very shock up and needed a lot of calming down. Mom was driving, they are just a little bruised but otherwise fine.

One of my Face book friends related to Miekie van Tonder the Lion Lady from
Elsa's Haven, who I have never personally meet has offered to pick me up from the airport which I do think is so nice. And they live close to Mom maybe even visit have an up close visit with Elsa. Please click on Elsa's Haven and read the whole story. If you would like to follow on FB then you can too.This time I would love to meet another friend Paula (also meet Paula on the Internet as a follower, the Internet is a wonderful thing don't you think lol) It's sad going back and all your friends have immigrated somewhere in the world. But I am making new friends which is wonderful.

Another Lady Melody has started a refuge for women and children, The Cradle of Hope and is heavily involved with charity work. She is also someone I would love to meet. Now you have just meet one off the most amazing "ordinary women" I know there are a lot more such wonderful people out there all doing just a little bit to make the world a better place.

Looks like it going to be a very inspirational holiday.
Have a wonderful day,
See ya,


  1. Have a great trip, there are so many people doing wonderful work in the world.

  2. I love your post! You are so happy and full of energy and definitely one of the people that makes the world a better place. Happy travels to you. Can't wait to see pictures when you get back! ~ Kari