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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reply to comments ... and more ...

Hi everyone, thanks for the comments

Nilo, More pics this weekend, we heading up to go check out what's been done, and also finish the little undercover deck, give the decking boards a coat of oil. We were truly bless with all your help and really miss you both.

Tim & Kari, we are really boring folk, not of the party kind, don't drink maybe a little wine with good friends. Our Digger man has a big problem in that department!

Simpleton, your right about that, reading and following instructions is a good idea. I am having trouble commenting on your blog, I have tried a few times now, Welcome here anyway.

Lana, amazingly we both kept our cool, it's just one of those things, it happened. I was very disappointed having paid it off on lay by at our produce store in Sydney and then having to cart it 7hrs by trailer. This project just took longer than anticipated, lets hope it done by the time we get back.

I am even having trouble commenting on my own blog sigh.......

Well the generator is fixed again and I will be picking it up tomorrow morning, that deck is waiting. Going to pack and be ready to leave straight from work tomorrow at midday. That gives me just enough time to pick up George's prescriptions from the Doctor, get his insulin, and get the last bit of timber needed. Then we're on the road again.
Have a great weekend everyone and see ya soon


  1. You are a busy lady! Thanks for the sweet replies...I really enjoy reading your posts and hearing about your adventures, although, I'm not sure you always think they are so exciting as you are just trying to get THRU them!! :-)


  2. Rina, you are so sweet to think of everyone in your replies. I hope this week is an easier one for you and the family. ~ Kari

    PS what is your season/weather now? Our sunflowers are just opening and now I think of you when I see the blossoms!