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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bella's Twins ...

The good news Miss Bella finally popped, 2 very tiny little ewes, they so cute but boy so blotchy, just plain not very pretty. That ram next door is a merino and mamma Bella is a suffolk. This is Bella's second season and only one ewe last year. This time there were 3 girls, yes I did say 3 girls, one did not make it. She insisted having her babies under a big tree in the dirt, while I had put new hay down in the sheep shed for her.

Had been keeping an eye on her the whole day and just after the first one was born and on her feet, Bella popped out no 2 and ignored it, well I just went in and cleaned her up, splashed a little cold water on her face. That sort of shocks them and makes them draw in a deep breath, then they right to go, just like smacking a baby on the bottom kind of thing.

Baby no 3, was taking it's time coming and by that time Bella and her twins were safely inside the sheep shed, feed and watered. I had done the feeding round for the evening and had started making dinner, when Gayle our landlord/neighbour came for a stickybeak. Once again no more signs of anymore lambs, but while making dinner, she popped out no 3, Bella never cleaned it's little face, it died still in the sack.Sad but that nature for you.

Now we're just waiting for the brown ewe and Miss Lashes to pop in the next day or so. Little Stella is also expecting but atleast a month behind these girls. Tomorrow I am off to the Camden livestock Auction held every Wensday with Gayle, she's looking at some mixed breed sheep. I prefer to stick to Suffolks.
Well that's it for tonight
See ya


  1. How very sweet. Those little babes will produce some interesting wool for yarn.

  2. Loved this post. I know a farm is a lot of work, but new baby lambs must be exciting.

  3. Very cute! No babies here this year. So I'll enjoy yours instead :D

  4. I do love seeing the little babies. We had one born so tiny and cold one year I was determined to warm it and put it in a little try inside the warm oven with the door open of course! She started to come around, but in the end she was just to small and weak. Can't wait to hear what names you will give these two girls. ~Kari

  5. BABIES!!!!!!!! This makes farming worth every hardship!


  6. Oh, I love the little, splotchy lambs!

  7. How sad you lost one of the lambs. That would have really upset me too.
    The remaining two are very cute though.

  8. That is adorable , I love the little once .
    Love ♥RINI♥

  9. Love all the black and white color on the lambs. Our suffolks just came out white with black heads and legs. Quite boring compared to yours. Too bad about the little one that was lost. We use to have to attend the every birth of our ewe Lorna's because she always had triplets and she always quit doing her mother thing on the last one. And I mean doing anything for she would even quit pushing. After I'd pull it out and clean it up, she would consider it worth her time. Animals can be the craziest things.