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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Shearer was here today ...

Done all the tails and nuts of the lambs, got their vaccinations done too. The boys sure aren't to happy with the rubber bands, but it needs to be done. And then to top it all they stuck tags in our ears...

Everyone else had a haircut, got drenched and vaccinations and purple ear tags.

And then we discovered there's one more ewe pregnant, she only a young ewe and still has a fair bit to go. Let's hope there is no complications Oh and we got Barbuos Pole again, this time Billy has come down with it, the others will have a mild dose of it too then. Raggedy Sally looks better with all her fleece shown off and I even managed to get a bad pic of her neck. The wound has just about healed totally.

That's it for now
See ya

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