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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wensday was livestock auction ...

We headed off to Camden to the livestock auction, registered and got a number, for just in case we actually saw sometime we liked. Being the only two women amongst all those men was not very exciting, characters of all sort, but mostly from the Middle East. A few Aussies and I could count them one one hand. A few hands strayed but mostly they were behaving themselves. One man offered me a squeeze, when I asked if I could squeeze in to have a closer look, yeah right.These are people that would have no problem doing home kills, fatten then up and eat them, kebabs on a stick.

To get back to the auctioneer, he was doing a great job, considering most of these animals were thin as, you could count their ribs.Some poor animals looked like they wanted to keel over and die. Gayle wanted sheep and today I was just there for the ride and day out. Just could not get over their condition, I just wanted to take them all home, esp the baby goats. These pics are disturbing I do apologise.That little one with the colourfull face was my pick, only am not allowed to have any more goats atm.

But one Miss Daisy is enough trouble as is. Living a life fit for a "Queen Goat" and Miss Lucky Nickel has it good too, having a wood stack and an apple tree, spoilt as by Claire the Shepherdess from Nova Scotia, Canada, please pop over to Claire they would love to have you pop in.

Have a great weekend everyone
see ya


  1. Wow, you surely had lots of mixed feelings here. :\

  2. OMG, Rina, you are so busy! The livestock auction must have been a trip. I'd probably want to bring them home too. But your baby lambs on previous post are ADORABLE! I love their spottiness. I'd want to be bringing them in the house or something. I love visiting you and your farm.