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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Detour ... the scenic drive

Take the Great Lakes/Tea Gardens turn off just other side of Raymond Terrace, just follow the road and soon you will find this charming little village.

Cruising the river.

Lunch at Nicole's cafe and art gallery at Tea Gardens as in a villiage by the river. Maybe next time.

What ever floats your boat Mate

(Opps forgot to rotate the pic lol) Are you coming for a walk with me?

Did you know that if you have sunburn and need something to put on right away. Look for this plant on the dunes. Break off a few leaves and squess the sap on to the burn, it works!

Went for a little walk on the beach at Hawks Nest, hardly anyone there, just the way I like it.

See anything strange in this pic? That big blob of mud on the tree trunk is a Kookkaburra nest. This looks like a new nest, some are hard to spot cause they look just like a burl on the tree.

This ferry could only take 4 cars max, you had to pay to go on this one.

Pelicans grooming themselves on the river bank.

Hope you enjoyed this little detour as much as I did
See ya