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Saturday, August 27, 2011

We said our good byes ... to Juliet

Remember this post ... I have never introduced you to one of our older cats, Meet Juliet ... she just a tricoloured girl, getting on a little. But she's got big problem, her health has deteriated so much in the last few years, that is nearly time to relieve her of her pain. Juliet is the most skiddish cat we have ever owned, don't cuddle me, don't pick me up, I'll come to you if I want anything. So we just leave her be to come to you when she wants too. She sleeps all day curled up in her basket, only gets up for a little food and water but night time she sits up like an owl, her back legs have never functioned very well, vet called her a wobbly cat (birth defect) and while she was happy we just let her be, Now it has become clear she's not coping even grooming herself anymore or walking to far. It's nearly time ...
Well that day came yesterday, Juliet fell off the bed Tanya just not quick enough to catch her. Jules must have hurt herself so badly, that she lost the last bit of her back legs, just about paralysing her. We have been carrying her where ever she needed to go, picking her up and putting her down, carrying her outside to sit in the sun and then bringing her in again. Just like an old lady which she really was in cat years, a good 14 years old. A decision made and then confirmed by our lovely lady vet. We watched her take her last little breath and just move one little paw afterwards and it was all over
RIP Jules


  1. I am so sorry you lost her. Hugs. sandie

  2. How very sad. She was a very pretty calico. She was lucky she had you to love her, too.

  3. What a lovely girl! and what a heart-breaking time for you. Yes, Juliet, rest peacefully.

  4. Oh my, that's so sad. But there comes a time when it has to be done.

    My cat Pumpkin was 16 when we sent her to kitty heaven. She had feline dementia that kept on getting worse and then the last straw, her kidneys has started to fail. It was time. I broke my heart because she was a loving cat that loved a good cuddle.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl. Big hugs.

  6. Always a sad thing to do Rina but in the end I believe the most humane. Rip Juliet