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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Weekend ... finishing off the deck

A quick trip up to the farm to test out the repaired generator which nearly killed us both just starting it, evenually we got it started, it's going back to the repair shop again. A few marigold, pansies, shallots, geranium planted in box no 1. 3 rosemary bushes, daisy bushes, oregano, asain green?? and more marigolds in no2. A blueberry bush and 2 zuchinni seedlings in no3. I might get two more blue berry bushes and more seedlings. Box no 4 needs more soil, then maybe chillies and cherry tomatoes would do nicely in that box.

Another job on the to do list, a paved strip in front of the raised boxes to the water tank. Well that is my next project preparing the path, with a pike and shovel to get a lot of the soil removed and leveled, cart in a load of river sand and get the pavers all ready for the Man of the house wearing the paver man's hat. I do love how he's so handy.

George doing a great job on the deck. No nail gun used here, each board gets screwed on.

A lot of sanding with the belt sander, a good sweep with the broom, run over with the mop, and then paint on a good drink of decking oil. Making sure the ute/car is packed, and no last minute items forgotton inside the cottage. Cause there's no walking on the deck once it's oiled.

Well that just left a very dusty me with knee pads, trackies and top covered in different shades of paint, to wash the paint brush and close the oil tin. A quick wash and change, hiding behind the water tank if any cars came past, lucky non did! All while Dear Husband was waiting in the car with the radio on the sports channel. He had packed all the tools away and locked the containers We do have a deal, he builds and I paint. Then we're on the road again ...


  1. Such a beautiful job after a whole lot of work! Nice!

  2. That was a fantastic job! Beautiful!

  3. Wow your deck looks fantastic! Well done.
    I bought a blue berry plant a while ago. It died. Not happy about that! *sniff*

  4. Thanks for looking me up! I enjoyed reading back a bit on your blog. We've had enough home improvement glitches to picture that egg-shaped disaster.... Hope the replacement went well!