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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prayers for Baby Sebastian

A Premature Baby's Prayer by Prayers for Baby Sebastian on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 7:31am

God bless the little child behind the plastic wall

For all he knows is the ringing of the bells and

the blurred images around him. He has been taken

from my womb without warning and I long to hold him

in my arms.

Lord, I ask in your name that my child be healed.

I am willing to accept your decision no matter what

it will be. I am willing to take on the responsibilities

for caring for this child. I am willing to give this

child love and understanding no matter the cost.

Please Lord help me to accept reality and what has

happened without explanation or warning. Help me

face the fact that this is not my fault and that

I was given a special task to complete here on Earth.

God give my child the strength to make it through another

second, minute, hour and day as each moment is

a blessing and a triumph from heaven.

God, may you give the strength and compassion

to the caregivers and nurses that take care of my child

May you keep my child protected and free from all injury

and pain.

Please take away the guilt and burden from my heart dear

Lord. It is heavy and I feel it is all my fault.

Take it away dear Lord. Sweet Jesus allow me the strength

and understanding I need to communicate with the Doctors

and Nurses.

As you see dear Lord, I am at your mercy for the life of

my child. Please leave him here on Earth and know that

I will provide all the love and understanding that

this child needs. I accept the challenge and will be

your humble servant dear Lord.

~Author unknown~

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Thank you and love ya all
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  1. This prayer is beautiful; it gets to the meat of the matter to lay in on the line before the Father. I thought it could really help women who are in this situation and feel powerless, sometimes, when you don't have the words to express your grief and terror, it's a relief to read something that captures part of your inner-self. I'm thankful that I never had to deal with a premi-baby, but I've had family that did and it was so scary. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Gosh, what a tough thing to go through.