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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bring out the champers ...

Miss Lashes finally delivered her boundle of fur,a pretty little ewe. Not so little actually it's probably the biggest lamb so far. Mom was very vocal at about 4.30ish Saturday morning and cause we have had extremely bad weather Friday and during the night and more expected today, I was more aware of the pendening birth. But this was her 3rd birth since we got her, and she knew what she was doing, all went smoothly. She was happy to let me pick up the little one to carry her inside the sheep shed with mom following close behind, for bonding time by themselves.

And the old Brown ewe once again dropped during the night and gave us a strong little Ram. His is a nice looking little ram. She is getting on a bit and hopefully this will be her last lamb.

Update pics of Bella's sweet little twins and little ram

While having a coffee, watching them settle in, Billy came and stood next to me, just felt the flick of his ear against my leg. He came to inspect his little half sister. Billy loves a little scratch behind the ear and is really good natured so far. His will get to stay on even if I need to get a few girls just for him.

Here's a question for suffolk owners. Our twins from last year had good parents. Dad Nelson had to move on to a new home this year. That's why we a mixed breed this year. Both twin have all the correct markings only the little ram grew black horns, my plan was to keep Rowan and sell Billy off. But this horn business is a worry. Where does it come from?? Don't really want to take him to the livestock auction, yeah I am still a little upset about the place, maybe advertise him through

very cute aren't they
See ya all soon

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  1. Your little lambs are so adorable! I am glad you are getting so many healthy ones. You are a great farmer! ~Kari