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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a little show and tell ...

Another nice winter's day here in Sydney, been up since very early, the dogs were barking at something most of the night, most likely Remi the pony and the sheep under the tree. I have separated the ewes about to give birth from the rest of the flock. The first of the lambs was born 2 weeks ago and since then nothing, but this weekend 3 ewe's should lamb.

Bella looks huge so maybe we could have twins. Miss Lashes is not as big as previous seasons, so only one expected there. And 1 from the old brown ewe. Unfortunately they will all be mixed breeds this year Suffolk X Marino. Why this weekend we heading to the farm, so that leaves Tanya alias The Blond One in charge. (she's not really blond, only dyes her hair blond ... blonds have more fun???) See that fence destruction caused by Neighbour Ram, we just given up trying to repair it atm, because we don't have a dominate ram atm and his just going to keep coming over. So want to shoot him .......

Really into the crocheting atm, so easy to pick up when you got a spare moment, so much inspiration out there in Blogland. Keep finding projects I would like to make. Must confess I don't like reading the patterns but can copy a picture easily. Saved all the projects in a folder to get to later. This little doily only took a few hours to make, it was a challenge cause of the green stitch connecting to the inner green row (hope that makes sense) Found the pattern at Little Woollie.blogspot.com Just highlight the above link for the correct link to the project. What I do love about this blog and so many others is all the bright colour used. There's even a link How to mosaic your photo's. Been wondering how to for ages, no computer nerd here! Just wondering if crochet is on your list of skills. It really is not that hard to do, so give it a try. Sometimes I prefer crochet to knitting but that just me.

Next project is all lined up and ready to go, another really easy one coat hanger covers with crochet roses. or maybe a milk jug doily with some white beads with roses ... told ya lots of projects waiting

See ya soon

Hi Simpleton, I am having problems leaving comments on your blog, so thought I just say a quick Welcome to my blog, Nice to meet you
Writing is an art, which I keep trying to do lol Maybe one day I get good at it

Glad you found someone that really wanted your loom. Weaving is one of the few things I have never tried.
See ya around
Rina ... Our slice of Heaven

July 27, 2011 10:31 PM


  1. I love your crocheting success! The lambs are so sweet and I am so glad your winter is off to a good start. Cheers to you!

  2. Hi Rina, I'm back in blogland and happy to find you well. I love the new blog look you have. Is the picture at the top your farm?
    I don't crochet, but I love crocheted items. The doily is sweet. Maybe I can get Mom to teach me sometime, but I have so many other projects!
    Have a great August!

  3. Hi, Have to tell you that I think your flowers are beautiful, your lamby is adorable, and your crocheting is sooooooo pretty! We are in a drought here in Kansas........horrible for our crops. We hardly have any flowers this summer. In fact maybe 3 and that is pushing it. Thank you for your beauty!
    Blessings, Linda
    Prairie Flower Farm