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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hi Everyone
Today was just one of those nice days, got my housework all done this morning, even baked a chocolate cake in the my new little heartshaped cake tin. Another Opshop/Goodwill find, it's so pretty and just big enough for a instant packet cake mix, you know the ones you just add 2 eggs and milk, mix and pop in the oven. Easy as one two three, spread a little frosting on top and your done. I know I know cheating, I should have made it from scratch!

Enjoyed catching up on a few blogs, still having problems commenting on some, but not to worry, Blogger will get themselves organized sometime or the other. Did a little revamp on the my other blog it needed a freshen up.

Ah I did venture out in the wind and cold, ran out of buttermilk to make some rusks, found some at the local IGA supermarket. So that what I will be doing first thing in the morning. I did stop off at the Antique shop just up the road for a browse around and found a few Homespun and Craft Magazines for some inspiration in the craft department, 3 for $2.00 so i took 9 for $6.00 and a tin plaque for Rose Cottage. I am itching to start painting and decorating. Our trip this weekend is postponed because of bad weather moving up the coast. Can't dig a hole for the septic in the rain.

Before I go Today is my eldest Boy Michael's Birthday, he's 35 years old, how time flies. Well that all for today
See ya


  1. What a pleasant day. I remember a small cake tin like that with a children's bake set I had as a child. Nice memory. I love old needlework magazines. I have quite a few from my Mom. They are fun to browse and even use for ideas.

  2. What a gorgeous cake.. you just reminded me that I have a heart shaped cake tin... SOMEWHERE!

  3. Yummy cake, I sure it is chocolate cake. I also cook cake same this shape of cake on my birthday, but it was strawberry cake. you remind my old days.
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  4. The cake looks delicious. Happy birthday to your son.