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Monday, July 18, 2011

A deal done ...

Well the first lot of meat birds have just left with one very happy customer, she remarked haven't seen birds that big for a while. 6 birds at 3.100kg each monster chooks. After she tastes them I am sure there could be more orders lol.

It's time to start thinking when to order the next chicks, this time I think maybe I will only do 30 birds. 38 Birds was very ambitious, just a little crowded in the chook barn the last 2 weeks. only lost 2 birds so that's not to bad a mortality rate.

Now 2 to a co worker... who will spread the word to his Indian friends ...
and another 15 to a Hungarian customer.

That still leaves 14 birds for my freezer, maybe i should batter with my landlord for those pork sausages they made.


  1. Wonderful. And the business world rolls on. :) Hopefully, if you get lots of additional customers, you'll be able to increase the space you need for the chooks.

  2. That is good news, especially the part about how magnificently you did raising those chickens. Anyone who gets any surely is lucky.