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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flat out getting ready ...

Now where she off to this time, where else but to the farm for a few days. Lots of work waiting. Lots and lots of weeding and whipper snipping to do. But no ride on rides this time, don't think that shaking will do me any good at the moment. A new garden section to be designed and built, raised sleepers boxes/bed for retaining soil and mushroom compost to tidy the little new garden by the backdoor. A path laid with concrete pavers. Can't wait to plant a few rosemary bushes, Italian parsley and some chilli plants in that raised bed.
We will be back next week Wensday, just in time for Georges second eye appointment on Next week Friday. He is having laser treatment to stop him from going blind, another problem caused by his Diabetes, untreated he is lucky to have another 2 years. Anyway we just need to deal with the problem as best as we can atm.

So he has taken off for a week and we going to do a little bit of work on Rose Cottage. That kitchen window needs to move a little to the right, so the cabinets will tuck in nicely on the left. And with a little bit of luck we won't get washed out again, no forecasts on the horizon.
Well I see ya all soon and promise to take a few pic to show our progress.
See ya soon

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