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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A gift given ...

Don't we all like a little something in the post, from an old friend or a new one for that matter. I got pleasantly reminder ed of a small cross stitch that found it's way into an envelope in ... wait for it ... 1993, to a dear friend. And now after all these years my friend posted a picture of it on Facebook for me. Knew it was just the sort of homemade pressie that Dalene would have loved to receive, no frame, just the little cross stitch.
"Rina, I think of you everyday because I have this little treasure hanging in my kitchen. You sent this to me in California in 93, before you moved to Australia. You embroidered the lemons and I framed it.....I love it!"
I still love sending parcels,
have great weekend


  1. Nothing nicer than receiving a little something unexpected in the post... :)

    A beautiful bit of embroidery - and what a lovely reminder of a gift given so long ago.

  2. How very nice! And, it is wonderful to know your gift is still so appreciated!

  3. It is beautiful and framed so nicely! These kinds of gifts are the best!

    I hope you are doing well!