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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pansies and potted colour .... and more

They 're everywhere at the moment, bright little faces. This afternoon (Saturday)we went for a drive to get bags of mushroom compost at a farm gate just other side of Penrith about an hrs drive there and back, Only there was non available this time. Really did need to take another 20 bags up to the farm this coming weekend.

So we just drove up the mountains checked out the view. This pic shows how they digging out soil/sandstone/whatever and then turning it into a wetland area, don't really understand what they trying to prove with it all?

Then on to look for a nursery to take a few nice pics of pansies and but found a veggie shop instead with some potted colour, nice bright pollyanthus.

I found this tutorial on making a crochet pansy flower, which was so pretty and thought that a posie of pansies would go nicely on top of a teapot cosy, for Rose Cottage. Really into this crochet flower kick ATM.

Just a little cross stitch I done along time ago, not the best pic cause it's got Matt glass in front of it. I think I might want to make another one but change the colours to a little more brighter shades. Really enjoyed doing cross stitching for a while, then moved onto the next challenge.

Scrap booking was the new best thing, so I got into that too. This page I did for my best friend Rosemary, on their visit to Australia. We spent the weekend up the Blue Mountains, hired a cottage with a cosy wood fire place. Her Hubby had colon cancer and it was his wish to see a little bit of Australia. I so wanted to capture a tender moment and I think I got it when he touch her gently. It's hard to find just the right one. The young man William, was so special to offer his time for a whole 3 months playing driver, bag carrier and wheel chair pusher, making his Mom and Roy's last big holiday special. These pictures were taken at The Everglades Garden

Remember when we went to Tilba Tilba last year, there was all those cute little shops and a nursery, where I took a lovely pic with pansies . Just hop on over to short trips and holidays and refresh your memory with that lovely spot on the South Coast of New South Wales, so worth the visit.

Well another weekend is gone and most people would be getting ready for another week of work, but not me I am still got time off and just loving it.
Sere ya all soon

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  1. Nice cross stitch you did I have never tryed doing this. Pretty flowers too . Have a good week off. Trish