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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Display ...

The boy's clay pumpkins which they painted orange and the scary masks stick up on the netting, bummer they not here to see it. I love decorating my entrance according to the seasons.

Add a few bats and it's done

The witch's broomstick is just to the right of this pic, some dried flowers stuck in it. Ah the lastest kitchenalia purchase was rather handy for this display "A farmhouse water tank"

Painted the scarecrow and few years ago, come in handy today.

Just love my pumpkin made from an old red golf shirt, might make a few more of these.
You might not take part in Halloween but it is just a fun thing. I hope you had a fun time too.

See ya nexttime


  1. What a lovely display! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Love the displays.

  3. Love it. Well done on the display. I can't wait to participate in the Halloween thing once we moved to Australia. We don't do it in South Africa at the moment.