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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Farmers Expo at Richmond ...

Catering mostly for the small hobby farmer, this Expo was well supported and in todays market that is good to see still. We planned going first thing in the morning but time got away a little with a few chores that needed doing first. Richmond is a good 45 mins from home, the sun was shining what more could you ask for. We are still looking for a smallish tractor with a 4 in one bucket and a rotary hoe at the back. This little Massey Fergason, ticked a few boxes but the price did not, oh well we keep looking.

So hard which one to choose

Antique Farm equipment and old trucks

A sheep herding display, first working was the older dog then a 4 month old pup just showing off her natural instinct. Keeping the mop of sheep together weldone little Amy. Her Brother also had a go.

Lots of baby moo's

Some great poultry on show.

This doe and kid angora goat stole my heart, now that was always my first choice goat, never mind Miss Daisy is still a keeper.

We had been wanting to go to this Expo before something always gets in the way, this time we did and it really was a lovely day I got rather excited about the lovely fleeces some ladies were spinning and the the knitted items made from that lovely fleece. Did buy a home cure meat book hoping to one day grow a piggy or two to make a little bacon.

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  1. I like going to these sort of expos and shows, so much to look at. You get heaps of ideas for things you can make or do yourself

  2. Thank you for the picture candy! Your photos are so good and really tell the story. The expo looked so clean and well kept too. I was secretly rooting for you to have bought a tractor. We are glad we bought ours, but if we had known about the drastic changes in the economy we would have waited. Good thing we can't predict the future because our little Deere just helped with a winter garden! Good to hear from you! ~ Kari

  3. The PINK one! How could you doubt :)