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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well this is the first time I put up a video and it's taking for ever to load. Do you have the same problem? let me know please

Thought a video would be nice of the latest batch of meat chooks, got 40 chicks again in the September school holidays, two died within the first week. Then another died two days ago with heat wave we are having, it's amazing I haven't lost more. Dog food I thought why waste it, so did the whole butcher thing and cooked it up for the dogs. Weight it first and it was 1,25kg. Still got a fair way to go.

Over the weekend George cut in a backdoor to help with ventalation and we also enclosed a new yard for them to run around in. Most of the day there is some sort of shade available. But still not enough so I found some old workhorses and a bullnose corragate roof sheet and put that up too for them to hide under. What I really need is shade cloth to provide more shade.

Last night before closing them up for the night, I could see they're still sitting with their little becks open and wings spread, tempature still to high. So decided to put a old box fan in the chookie barn. and checked up on them at 11pm before heading to bed myself. that fan will now be part of the chook raising equipement lol.
Well finally it done
until next time

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  1. Poor chooks! Can you spray them with water to help cool them down?
    Uploading videos always take forever! I don't do many cos of that.