The trouble with simple living is that, though it can be joyful, rich, and creative, it isn't simple. ~Doris Janzen Longacre

The best way to bring a sustainable change in the world around me is by bringing the change in myself

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A quick tour around the veggie patch ....

Good Morning to everyone visiting today, No I know roses don't go in veggie patches but these are destined for the farm, with the asparagas and yesterday, today and tomorrow shrubs I bought. The roses are so pretty and have a lovely perfume too.

Hmm look at them yellow queen peaches, grow babies grow. The leaves on this little tree have got leafcurl, unfortuneately I never sprayed for it in June/July according to the nurseryman, just have to live with it until next year.

Strawberries anyone? A small variety of sweet strawberry, the other tub has pink flowered strawberries bearing larger fruit ever so yummy.

Look what I spied, The first of the Rasberries.

In the backgound there's a healthy crop of spinach is growing. The cherry toms are doing good too, great for summer salads.

Going to be a good crop of tomatoes this year. there's cherry toms and beefsteak too

Some beetroot destined to be bottled.

Aren't these too sweet, they have self seeded from last year.

This whole bed really needs to come out, only most of it has gone to seed which I will be collecting. Italian parsley, rocket, beetroot and chinese broccolli mixed up. The lemonade tree needs to go to the farm, it was a mother's day gift from Tanya


  1. Love your header and no even the simplest of lives are not simple. Sandie

  2. gosh everything looks lovely and healthy!