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Thursday, November 17, 2011

General update ...

Conserving water is one of our priorities, esp here on Mulgoa farm 2 households using one 22 000 ltr tank. Only thats not always possible with a heap of washing, 6 troughs to fill regularly between us, and then topping up the pool. We have all become rather lazy this last year, not doing the water run, filling up a 1000 ltr tank from the villiage hydrant and carting that home, which becomes such a pain to do. And then hoping it rains enough to keep topping up the tank. Well the Landlord is in charge of keeping a eye on the level of the water, only we all got caught out on Monday afternoon yes you guess where I was heading, it ran out. What a mission to get a water tanker in with 10 000 ltrs and only at 6.30pm last night the water arrived. (could have kissed the driver)

No eggs here ATM, just sbout all the hens have gone broody they drive me crazy. Bought 5 leghorn hens just 10 weeks old 3 weeks ago and am hoping they could come into lay and help with a steady supply of beautiful big white eggs when they are old enough. Lost 3 more meat chooks, am thinking it could be our killer cat Jellybeans who may have finally worked out they could be her dinner, (expensive dinner) still to catch her red clawed.

The veggie patch is going well this year. The tomatoe crop looks ever so promising so far. Need to plant a few more seedlings now that I have cleaned out the bed with all the plants that went to seed. Just work it over a bit and see what comes up. The corn I planted last week have started popping up everywhere, am very pleased about that. Planted some beans but they did not come up well and will need to get back too them.

Inside I have started on all the UFO's and repairs , thats going well hoping to update my other blog with pictures soon. well I better get back and start doing some chores ...
See ya later

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  1. Sounds like all is going well for you..except the hens not laying maybe they will get going before too long. Trish