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Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick Tour of my garden ATM ... livestock

I need some help ID this pumpkin. Thought these were an amish pie pumpkin but being my first time every having purchased some seeds, I was not to sure what I was growing. Love the idea that these are white pumpkins.

Lots of green tomatoes, very pleased with them so far

The first of the Cherry tomatoes

Did you call Mom? Last count was 16 sheep and 1 adopted pony.

Thursday morning these 32 babies go for processing. I had 8 birds that did not make it, 3 just gone missing presumably cat food, 3died of heat exhaustion and 2 died within the first week. Not a good rate this time. 22 birds are sold leaving 10 birds for my freezer. I woun't be starting another batch before early March


  1. Lovely photos. Golden button squash are a huge favourite here. Can't help with the pumpkin identification unfortunately. We've been quiet on the meat chicken front, I definitely won't try them over the summer months, it nearly kills us, let alone those big babies. Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  2. It's so nice to see things green and growing,when here in NH the leaves are off the trees,and we've had some snow!

  3. Love the images. I just learned this weekend during Thanksgiving dinner that white pumpkins were the kind used to make pumpkin pie in early America. I wasn't aware of white pumpkins before that. I don't know if there is a difference in taste.

    Your garden looks wonderful. We look forward to growing things outside again in a few months. ;)

  4. Rather jealous of your garden, there's nothing happening in ours this season :(

  5. Your plants look great. Sorry, can't help identify the pumpkin.

  6. Good looking food there. I don't have a idea what kind of pumpkin you have...are you going to fried up some of those delicious green tomatoes. Here we are getting ready for Christmas and you are getting in a harvest. Blessing Trish

  7. Is it a patty-pan squash? I think I'd heard that before and it kinda looks like one... wow, I'm jealous of your garden - we just had our first freeze!

  8. Your garden is beautifully abundant! Your pumpkin-squash looks like what we call a Patty Pan squash. They have a light green tint to them and they taste super good dipped in flour, salt, and pepper and fried like a green tomato...or really tasty in a stir fry.
    Have fun collecting and harvesting and preserving all of the deliciousness.
    Our harvest season ran about 3 weeks late this year. Has your gardening season been different for you? ~Kari

  9. Your garden is looking very productive.
    Poor chooks... but someone has to eat them eh? lol