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Friday, November 11, 2011

Strawberry jam ... & new CD ...

What a bargain 5Kg of ready to go strawberries for $10.00 ATM they still sitting in the pot with 2kg of jam sugar mixed in, drawing out the red yummy juices. Then I add 8 tablespoons of lemon juice to the mix and cook it up for 15 mins. Do the testing thing with my nifty candy thermometer. What a mission to find a thermometer, not every store keeps them, supermarkets only have meat thermometers, even found a milk one for cappuccinos, not what I need sorry. Eventually found one yeah now I can make my jam without guessing.

One good thing came from shopping I bought Susan Boyle's new CD "Someone To Watch Over Me" it's so beautifull, very different to her last two CD's. Well I was secretly hoping to get it for Christmas from one of the kids, even if we only do presents for the grandkids.

Be back later with pics of the jam making ...

Hi Debbie, it really worked a treat mercury was at 105C according to the recipe, found it on the internet. There was more instructions on the back of the packaging for different stuff so maybe save it for later reference. Another good idea from the same person was, to wash your bottles with warm soapy water, rinse and shake dry, then pop them in a warm oven to dry until you need them.


  1. I never thought of getting a jam thermometer, would save a lot of testing.

  2. I am sure your jam will be wonderful.

  3. That looks wonderful. You noticed I finally got it fixed to where I can comment.