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Friday, April 8, 2011

On the Road again ...

We on the road again this weekend, all the way up to Coffs Harbour, to pick up a carport/shed that Dear Husband bought on Ebay for cheap. As it not to far from the farm (100km, it worth the trip. Now that's going to be erected on a concrete floor, which is what we're going to be working on over the easter break. Sounds like an expensive trip but we needed to take up a few things such as the spare TV and a cabinet for it to stand on anyway. Been threatening to take it up sometime but having the ride on in the trailer just leaves no space for much else.

No time to mow lawns this time but speaking to my friend Scott, we've had a lot of rain up there, so expecting a mini jungle.

Had a lovely day yesterday sorting out my craft stuff, bought a few new tubes to store some of my materials and bagged ribbons, braiding etc in colour groups. Baskets just don't keep the cats out, with winter coming on they looking for soft cosy spots to curl up on. Jules finding the veggie basket to curl up into.

Another culprit is this old one Rat, she's 13 now and rather frail and starting to loose her footing jumping up. She's a sweet heart and very special, never missed a day of sleeping on the bed with us.

Anyway the craft corner is looking heaps better, even found a few UFO's that have been missing for ages. Will need to attend to that when I am a "lady of leisure" again.

Have a great weekend everyone
I take a few pic of Coffs Harbour for you
See ya


  1. Have a great trip! Enjoy. :))) We will be here waiting for you when you get back.

  2. A nice warm basket sounds just right for a cat to curl up in.

  3. Sounds like you've been busy and are going to get even busier getting ready for winter.

    Have a great trip!