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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ordering more Meat Chickens ...

Well bugger me, it worked. I got orders for chooks, and more egg customers. So it looks like I might be in business. Remember those pretty little yellow chooks I posted about a while ago. Well tomorrow I am placing an order for 40 more. I have orders for 24 dressed birds atm, and am expecting a few extras. Some will fill my freezer and some will be given away to friends (they might place an order for farm fresh chook)

This time I will be raising them in our Winter but it does not snow here so it should not be a major problem. A good sized shed with a concrete floor covered with wood shavings, should keep them warm. A tank with a watering system connected to have running water or more a slow drip system into their water troughs. 3 large plastic feeders to start off with. Although it will get too crowded as they get bigger.

But first they will go into a smaller pen for a week or two. A big thank you to Annie for all her great How to's, I am paying attention!


  1. I'll try and get some photos of mine tomorrow and put up. They're about five and a half weeks old now. Growing beautifully.

  2. It sounds as if things are going well. :) Thanks for the update. I enjoy following along your adventures. I learn a great deal out here in blog land. :)

  3. Sounds like things are moving along nicely. Never raised meat chickens only layers, although we are getting back into raising some broad breasted turkeys this year.

  4. That is great news!!

  5. I can't wait to see pictures of the chicks. Do you do the butchering yourself? We raised meat chickens and turkeys and we were surprised at how much they could eat. Enjoy the adventure and congratulations on your orders!!

  6. Good luck with your new brood. I have never raised chicks to eat. Good for you.