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Monday, March 7, 2011

Always something on the go ...

We got sick sheep, barbers pole, what alerted me was "the head count"Friday morning doing the feed at 5am in the dark. I always head count at feeding times, and when they coming in from grazing ... only needed to count to 11 ... but there was only 10 so went looking for no 11. One of this seasons twins, an ewe the best one of the season too was down, face as hard as a rock and ears warm to the touch, she managed to get up. All this while George is running the engine, ready to go to work, just waiting for me. Nothing I could do ATM so left her.

First thing at work I called the shearer, who promised to pop in after his full day of appointments. He arrived just as we got back from work at 4.30pm, being Friday it's a short day for us. On the back of his Ute, was his 3 working kelpies dogs, all excited to round the sheep up. He gave the little one less than 40% chance of pulling through she was that bad. That's the problem of feeding in the dark, you don't notice problems until it's nearly to late. Anyway he gave them all a dose and vaccinated them again. (Only just done early January)

This weekend was spent literally nursing the little one, holding a small bowl of water and holding her head up to drink a few sips of water, her face and throat swollen ears hot to the touch, unable to stand. But she's still hanging in there, even managed to stand on wobbly legs yesterday. There was no way she could even eat anything. This morning she a little better. Barbers pole is a parasite/worm that has killed so many sheep this season, including 3 belonging to our landlord in one week.

Saturday evening We went to see "Kings cross after Dark" at the South Sydney Juniors League Club, T's friend now lives in LA in USA, was one of the stars in the show, while she was back home to visit with her parents in Sydney. She returns to LA today.
Dinner was just lovely at one of the restaurants ... Barramandi with greek salad ... show was good too. I scrubbed up not to badly if I must say myself lol.

Then Sunday morning I got back into my work clothes, and promptly started slaughtering and plucking 5 chooks, What a big job still got 9 to go ... and in between everything I kept nursing the little ewe through so far so good, the longer she keeps breathing the better chance she has of making it.

Hope your weekend was way more exciting than mine.


  1. Hope the little one gets better. sandie

  2. Aw, yes, I hope the little one survives and makes a full recovery. Your weekend sounds so very busy between going out to dinner and a show and slaughtering chickens.

  3. I sure hope the little ewe is going to be OK.

  4. oh how sad you have a sick sheep.
    I miss living on a farm... Dad used to tie the chickens by the leg on the clothes line before chopping their heads off.... my brothers found it so funny! Me: not so much!

  5. Aww, hope the sheep feels better soon.

  6. Good luck with your little one.
    Hopefully if she's still alive now, she's going to make it.
    We've just come in from butchering a pig and four ducks! Not sure how the ducks will go, I've actually not even cooked duck before and my meat chickens are growing rapidly, so I'm thinking heads off at Easter.
    Hope you have no more ailments in the near future.

  7. Those Barbers pole worms are nasty little critters! I've lost goats to them too.

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